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Event Name:
Cleanup Greenville before Danish Festival (which happens on 8/15-8/18/2013)
Who to contact for more information?
Steve Schofield ( – 616-754-3224
Who is this open to? 
Opportunities for small groups at different times that is convenient for them, please plan between Monday (7/29) to Wednesday (8/14) (excluding Sunday) to perform work at a location listed below..  We recommend closer to Danish Festival the better.
What do I bring?  
Asking people to bring one trash bag, although supplies can be made available, including gloves, just contact Steve Schofield (
Where do I push trash bags?
Trash bins at the Community Center (Thanks to the City or take back to your location)
What Date do I need to commit by to a location by?
Monday 7/29/2013 to Wednesday 8/14/2013 (excluding Sundays)
Here is the places being targeted

1)    Taken – Bike Trail – Tunnel on M-57 (by Meijer) going to Baldwin Lake Beach (including beach)
2)    Taken – Bike Trail – Start at Kmart parking lot (including) go to M-91 by Admiral (west sidewalk)
3)    Taken – Bike Trail – a) Starting at Walnut going to M-57 by Old Mill, including under Bridge.  b) At Walnut do ball fields. c) While on path from Walnut to Old Mill, trail splits go to Water Works ‘split’ section and back towards Walnut, Danish Kingdom included
4)    Taken – Bike Trail – Start at Jackson’s Landing going to Fairplains (including park at Jacksons Landing)
5)    Taken – Bike Trail – Start at Fairplains to M-91 by Greenville Tool and Die (GTD)
6)    Taken – Start at M-91 by GTD going to Baldwin, by Tower Hill
7)    Taken – Bike Trail – Start at Hillcrest, go to Museum including Tower Riverside Park/Hans Christian Anderson Park & Museum Parking lot
8)    Taken – Bike Trail – Start at Tower Riverside Park/Hans Christian Anderson Park by Museum, go behind Wittenbach’s, Water works, along the river, split off at water works and follow trail across M-91 to truck route.  Can do from split off to M-57 by Jackson’s landing. 
9)    Taken – One block West of main street behind downtown businesses, From M-57 to Montcalm
10)  Taken – One block East of main street behind downtown businesses, From M-57 to Montcalm
11)  Taken – Veterans Park
12)  Taken – Baldwin Heights School
13)   Starting at corner of M-57/M-91 South to South Street (sidewalks, edge of street gutters)
14)  Taken – Starting at corner of M-57/M-91 West to Meijer (sidewalks, edge of street gutters)
15)   Starting at corner of M-57/M-91 East to Jackson’s Landing (sidewalks, edge of street gutters)
16)  Taken –  Kmart Parking Lot (car show located here)
17)   Starting at Armory going to Shopping Center parking lot, Truck Route starting m-57 going to Chase, chase road and back up Armory
18)  Starting at M-91 / Van Deinse corner going East, sidewalks to walnut
19)  Taken – Parade Route – Hillcrest (sidewalks from Armory to blackburn street)
20)  Taken – Parade Route – Cass (hillcrest to downtown, sidewalks only both sides)
21)  Taken – Parade Route – Clay (M-57 to Montcalm)
22)   Taken – Parade Route – Montcalm starting at M-91 going west to High School (sidewalks and any clutter on side of street)
23)  Taken – 4 mile run / walk route (includes around the lake)