Continuing on with Daniel’s plan

Itís been a few days and still on the prowl of losing weight, learning how to eat differently.  My wife has been awesome putting together some tasty meals.  One of the options to exclude from the diet is wheat (Iíve later learned Glutton).  I donít know all the details, many things use this ingredient.  Although Iíve not followed the diet to the letter, my eating habits have improved greatly.  during the day, Iíve been snacking on oranges, broccoli, cauliflower and apples.  It helps with the mid-morning and mid-afternoon urges to snack.  My downfall is after I get home from work, all I want to do is snack.  Chips, cookies, leftovers or whatever is laying around.  The vegieís and fruit has helped. 

Iím down around 4.1 pounds in seven days.  My goal is initially 6 Ė 8 pounds, then weíll see how my body reacts.   If I had to wish, Iíd like 18 as a phase 1.  I suppose when you reach one goal, youíll keep going.  I hope to reach this crossroads in the future, for now, my faith is strong.  God is actively in the project and Iím leaning on Him for strength to succeed

Praise God,


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