Pondering Thought: Significant


Job 38

There are many insignificant things in the world
Not many people are concerned about our worries

Some will genuinely be concerned
Over time, less people will be worry about you

Good thing family will always be there
Through thick and thin

No matter the circumstances
No matter the obstacle

Besides God
Family is the most significant thing in life

The enemy has been trying since the dawn of time
To break down the family and cause distractions

When comparing ourselves to God
We are insignificant

We can’t command oceans
We can’t command the dew in the morning

We can’t control the sun from rising
Nor can we do much of anything alone

Don’t focus on insignificant things
We are human, we will sin

Sin is significant in God’s eyes
It makes him sad

All sin is the same to Him
No one sin is greater than another

We can attempt things, we might succeed for awhile
This is only temporary

When we seek God in all things
He is there, waiting to show his love, grace and mercy

We are forgiven when we accept his Son’s free gift of external life
We get to spend eternity in His house

That is the most significant thing that’ll ever happen
Just endure while on earth

We are significant in Gods eyes
In the end, being Godís child is all that really matters


Story Behind the Poem

This word was derived from a ‘pondering thought’ I published on Face book; Here is the saying;.† “In the world today, there are so many insignificant things and many view themselves as such, in God’s eyes you are significant, shown by his love, grace and mercy!”

The previous day I had a self-indulged ‘self-pity party’ all day worrying about not being able to have a medical procedure performed immediately, I had to wait due to cost.† God reminded me clearly I’m significant in his eyes and the next day was awesome. I was blaming just about everyone who thought differently than me.† I knew scripture was correct and I was wrong, I was just being selfish.† God word is† is powerful medicine!

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