Pondering Thought: Dabble




Psalm 5


Do you start something with a lot of passion?
Later on have it fizzle

Are you really excited one moment?
Only to feel bored and discontent the next

Do you find it hard to rekindle the flame?
Are you looking for that next passion?

For some in the world
They go through phases

They are obsessed with something for a while
They become bored and look for the next big thing

While in the moment
Things appear to be well

As time passes, things aren’t has shiny
We find faults, problems beyond our control

We get frustrated, look for alternatives
In some cases, we work through the challenge

Only to find another one waiting for us
We dabble here, we dabble there

We try this thing, that thing
We try not to become too committed

Based on prior experience there will be challenges
When we were younger, there was hope and promise

Experience teaches to be more cautious
Experience teaches to be more aware

The excitement is tapered waiting for things to work out
The dreams of youth fade

Before long, we reflect wondering what’s next
We wait while our heavenly Father is still there

When accepting His free gift of external life through Jesus
That is one passion that will last a lifetime

There will be highs
There will be lows

Just like anything else we face on earth except one thing
His promise will help continue the passion for eternity

This promise brings hope
Sometimes, it’s the only thing we can cling to

Other passions of this world will fade
They will come and go like the wind

Jesus gave a simple statement
When you work, work like you are working for me

Give it your all, give your best
This is great advice

It brings hope, focus and direction
Even in uncertainty

When following Jesus, nothing is easy
If it was easy, everyone would do it

We think we know what we want
Until we discover what we don’t

The next time you dabble in something
Make sure it’s for the right reason

There will be challenges along with moments of success
Have an eternal view when looking at problems

It will eventually lesson the blow
Even though in the moment it might not feel like it

Jesus, I give you my soul, all my challenges
When I dabble in something

Make sure I represent you accordingly
Thank you again for the gift of eternal life

In this life and next
I want to be able to dabble within your kingdom


Story Behind the Poem

There has been recent challenges in life that tapered my excitement for certain things, such as technology.† I’ve always been a person who hyper focuses on something for a while, then turn to something else.† I made a career change in December 2013. I was primarily focused on one vendor products for 14 years only to switch a year ago.† In any field, there is uncertainty, it’s been a little scary and at times I feel like I’m dabbling yet to find my grove.† In prior positions, I became the ‘go to’ person with a presence in the community.† I left that behind knowing it was the best longer term.† That doesn’t take away the fear except for this time, I have the Lord on my side.† When I’m struggling, when I fear the unknown or have something that keeps me up at night, I turn it over to the Lord.

There are other challenges in my family going on, I don’t have all the answers nor claim to.† The longer I walk with the Lord, the more I cling to the Hope of eternal life and doing things to show my example he has given me.
Stories like this help work through the challenge of the day.† Having an eternal view while facing a challenge day helps, there is still fear, uncertainty although deep down we know better.† The Holy Spirit gives us strength in times of great joy and great sadness.

For those who dabble in Jesus, they aren’t discovering all the blessings that come with having him as your declared savior.† It’s one thing I don’t want to dabble although the longer I walk with Jesus, I find myself at times seeking that ‘next passion’.† He has blessed me in writing many books with poems. Although I’ve not found success compared to other things, success will come in His time if it’s meant to be, there is nothing I can do in the meantime accept be obedient.

Pondering Thought: Not-Knowing


Luke 23:33-35, Psalm 111, Proverbs 9


Through his love God gave us free will
It was to show His love

We were created to be in communion with him
Have a relationship, worship him

We were made in his image
There is nothing more holy and perfect

Some use free will for selfish gain
Some will ignore the obvious

They will ignore Him and His love
They think the world offers more hope

Their motives are self-serving
For a short-time, they glorify themselves

They cause division, ignore others petitions
Deep down they probably know right and wrong

They suppress their inner conscience
They no longer hear the small still voice

Some ignore God, some acknowledge him yet don’t follow
Some outright blaspheme his name

They openly ignore,†promote hate and divisiveness
It does not matter who they hurt and destroy

All that matters is destruction
There is no compassion, no humility, and no love

God the Father is eternally patience
There is nothing that describes this trait

Love is as close as we can with human words
There will come a day when all people will give an account

My prayers are for all†individuals who have not accepted Jesus
My prayers go to the people who openly deny him

My prayers go to those who stir up trouble for others
God states the beginning of wisdom is a healthy fear of Him

These words are true
We should heed them

When Jesus was on the cross dying for everyone’s†sins
He cried out for mercy to those who don’t understand

These are my pleas and prayers for all who do not know Him
When we are in heaven, I hope we meet everyone who used to be like this

Jesus, thank you for your gift
Father have mercy, show grace to everyone who doesn’t know Jesus

Have them come to the light
Have their eyes opened before Jesus returns

Thank you for free will
Thank you for showing love, grace and mercy.


Story Behind the Poem:

There is a town in Michigan that had a 50 ft. Cross displayed a few times a year.† The cross had been up for over 50 years and was displayed about 10 times a year.† A group, who was not from the community, petitioned the city council to have it removed, or face a lawsuit.† The city council voted 3† – 2 to remove the cross and other religious symbols.† It is a privilege to display symbols on public property, two generations have passed since the Cross was erected.† The culture of today attacks these types of things and does not care if there is division created in a community.

Their self-serving agenda only means to serve selfish interests.† My human thoughts are of revenge, what we can do to stop the injustice.† God the Father spoke in scripture, revenge is his alone.† I thank him for this direction and thank the people who started the fight to keep the Cross posted on public property, their cause was the inspiration for this story.

My hope is what Jesus prayed, show mercy and grace for their eyes are not opened.† May they discover the gentle spirit offered as a free gift because of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.† I won’t ever know the outcome of the prayer.† There was a group who fought to keep the cross, and unfortunately they did not prevail.† Our hope is not on a piece of metal shaped as a cross as much who died on the cross 2000+ years ago.† The cross is only a symbol and our Lord is alive and will return one day.† Moments in history will be forgotten and with hope, each individual with this situation will have accepted Jesus as their savior.

Pondering Thought: Lies

Ever told a little white lie that came back to something you regretted?† God laid this on my heart to share with everyone.

Poem: Lies

Ephesians 6:10-18, 1 Peter 5:8

They are little
Some are white

Songs have been written about this
Some are meant to be innocent

They start off small
Not meant to hurt anyone

When they start out small
They are like a little bump of dirt

Nothing to obvious
After a while

The bump grounds into a mound
People start to notice

They usually walk over the mound
Or walk around, they don’t notice though

Time moves on, the mound grows more
It’s becomes a hill

People notice the hill
Some even comment asking where it came from

Not many remember the bump or mound
It gets harder to ignore the hill

Life was easier when the ground was flat
You start telling other small ones

Before long, the hill has grown into a mountain
Many people notice, comment and some complain

People ask how the mountain grew
There are many different stories told

No one knows the real one
The moral of the story

There is no such thing as an innocent lie
There are many elements to the enemies plan

A situation that provides comfort, appears to be peaceful in a dream
When awakened, you mull the situation over

It keeps replaying in your mindís eye
After a period of time, you accept parts of the story as ok

You can deal with parts of the original situation, you thinkÖ
You start to enforce the dream

Your heart is hardened
Your mind continually relives parts to make you feel ok

The enemy has you in his snare
You begin to let it destroyed you little by little

You keep parts hidden, let it have a place in your life
It goes from a bump, to a mound, a hill and finally a mountain

The lie repeats itself and grows
Truth is nowhere to be found

Honesty is the best policy
Show grace, mercy and love when communicating

It can take a lifetime to learn this lesson
Take it from the almighty, truth might hurt

Better to hurt a little now
Than a lot in eternity


Story behind the poem

This was the first story I had written in several months.† The enemy has been working many different angles to get me comfortable with little lies in my life.† It’s surprising the enemy will use any distraction in your life to lose focus of our savior Jesus.† He’ll use the media, doubts from the past, dreams, and simple everyday annoyances.† Telling this story was several months in the making, itís the dead of winter.† I struggle from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), it’s when you don’t get enough SUN.

I learned when you are in the Sun, Vitamin D is absorbed into your body, helping you sleep.† One of the things I’m struggling is restful sleep on a regular basis.† Diet, exercise, a regular routine of sunshine are basics.† If these aren’t achieved on a regular basis in my life, moodiness sets in and signs of depression.† I attribute this to the enemy trying to distract me from my mission the Lord has given me.† Writing stories helps get them out in the open and darkness does not like light!† Prayers for anyone who battles these symptoms, most of all, resist the enemy, protect your heart.

*The outcome, for the enemy to attack me like this means God has something special!† I don’t know what although that is the feeling, God is still here, we are his and we ARE forgiven!*

Pondering Thought : Gift


Matthew 3:17, 1 Peter 5


We tend to overlook little things
We discover they are important later on

We receive many during our lifetime
We consider some more important than others

When we receive an important gift
There is a brief excitement

We admire our new possession
We talk about it, we brag about it

We compare our gift to others
We put our gift above other gifts we received

The individuals who gave other gifts are disappointed
They sense no appreciation for their gift

People don’t give to those who don’t appreciate
We are told from a young age, Better to give than receive

There is an expectation to return the favor
Cost is a factor in giving gifts

It’s a cycle that can become a chore
There is dread giving rather than enjoyment

During our lifetime, God will give us gifts
This could be a calling to Sheppard others

It could be a family with kids
The enemy will use whatever means to distract a believer

He will attack over and over
In our dreams, during the day, many different ways

They are persistent and will keep trying to distract
They want to distract us from the best gift ever

God wrote an entire book explaining this gift
It was written by several individuals

Many, many years went by talking about this gift
It became clear one day when a bright star was displayed

God the father was showing the world his son was born
This gift came in a simple package

There was so much love in this package
There is no way to measure it’s amount

Jesus is the most precious gift ever given
When we are distracted from this precious gift

We are vulnerable
We need to thank God daily for Jesus

When we humble ourselves, accept the gift Jesus brought
The Holy Spirit joins us on the journey

We have the best gift in our daily battles
We have protection the enemy can’t touch

The enemy knows this and will try to distract more
Once we accept Jesus, our soul is his forever

The gift of Jesus brings eternal life
Give thanks daily for this gift

Along with other gifts received from our Heavenly father
The enemy wants to destroy, God wants our heart

Keep praying and giving thanks
You will get to enjoy the best gift, forever!


Story Behind the Poem

My church was cancelled one Sunday due to bad weather.† When I found it was cancelled, I fell back to asleep.† The enemy attacked me after I fell back to sleep. I had a thought of going to a different church, my wife doesn’t handle sudden change, even if it means going to a different church for one week.† The enemy tried to purside me to have contempt towards my wife. This isn’t the first time I was attacked in this fashion.

This time was different.† I woke up in time and attended a different church with a family member and their family.† The pastor preached on Jude 21, 22.† He also referenced scripture in 1 Peter. When I looked at the scripture in 1 Peter, I came across 1 Peter 5.† This scripture describes the enemy attacks like a Lion.

God revealed to me we are loved since we are his, we have freedom to tell the enemy to flee.† I’ve been praying for direction and protection on this particular attack method.† During the sermon, there was some quiet time we were allowed to pray.† This was revealed to me and was quite a relief.