Pondering Thought : Gift


Matthew 3:17, 1 Peter 5


We tend to overlook little things
We discover they are important later on

We receive many during our lifetime
We consider some more important than others

When we receive an important gift
There is a brief excitement

We admire our new possession
We talk about it, we brag about it

We compare our gift to others
We put our gift above other gifts we received

The individuals who gave other gifts are disappointed
They sense no appreciation for their gift

People don’t give to those who don’t appreciate
We are told from a young age, Better to give than receive

There is an expectation to return the favor
Cost is a factor in giving gifts

It’s a cycle that can become a chore
There is dread giving rather than enjoyment

During our lifetime, God will give us gifts
This could be a calling to Sheppard others

It could be a family with kids
The enemy will use whatever means to distract a believer

He will attack over and over
In our dreams, during the day, many different ways

They are persistent and will keep trying to distract
They want to distract us from the best gift ever

God wrote an entire book explaining this gift
It was written by several individuals

Many, many years went by talking about this gift
It became clear one day when a bright star was displayed

God the father was showing the world his son was born
This gift came in a simple package

There was so much love in this package
There is no way to measure it’s amount

Jesus is the most precious gift ever given
When we are distracted from this precious gift

We are vulnerable
We need to thank God daily for Jesus

When we humble ourselves, accept the gift Jesus brought
The Holy Spirit joins us on the journey

We have the best gift in our daily battles
We have protection the enemy can’t touch

The enemy knows this and will try to distract more
Once we accept Jesus, our soul is his forever

The gift of Jesus brings eternal life
Give thanks daily for this gift

Along with other gifts received from our Heavenly father
The enemy wants to destroy, God wants our heart

Keep praying and giving thanks
You will get to enjoy the best gift, forever!


Story Behind the Poem

My church was cancelled one Sunday due to bad weather.† When I found it was cancelled, I fell back to asleep.† The enemy attacked me after I fell back to sleep. I had a thought of going to a different church, my wife doesn’t handle sudden change, even if it means going to a different church for one week.† The enemy tried to purside me to have contempt towards my wife. This isn’t the first time I was attacked in this fashion.

This time was different.† I woke up in time and attended a different church with a family member and their family.† The pastor preached on Jude 21, 22.† He also referenced scripture in 1 Peter. When I looked at the scripture in 1 Peter, I came across 1 Peter 5.† This scripture describes the enemy attacks like a Lion.

God revealed to me we are loved since we are his, we have freedom to tell the enemy to flee.† I’ve been praying for direction and protection on this particular attack method.† During the sermon, there was some quiet time we were allowed to pray.† This was revealed to me and was quite a relief.

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