Pondering Thought: Lies

Ever told a little white lie that came back to something you regretted?† God laid this on my heart to share with everyone.

Poem: Lies

Ephesians 6:10-18, 1 Peter 5:8

They are little
Some are white

Songs have been written about this
Some are meant to be innocent

They start off small
Not meant to hurt anyone

When they start out small
They are like a little bump of dirt

Nothing to obvious
After a while

The bump grounds into a mound
People start to notice

They usually walk over the mound
Or walk around, they don’t notice though

Time moves on, the mound grows more
It’s becomes a hill

People notice the hill
Some even comment asking where it came from

Not many remember the bump or mound
It gets harder to ignore the hill

Life was easier when the ground was flat
You start telling other small ones

Before long, the hill has grown into a mountain
Many people notice, comment and some complain

People ask how the mountain grew
There are many different stories told

No one knows the real one
The moral of the story

There is no such thing as an innocent lie
There are many elements to the enemies plan

A situation that provides comfort, appears to be peaceful in a dream
When awakened, you mull the situation over

It keeps replaying in your mindís eye
After a period of time, you accept parts of the story as ok

You can deal with parts of the original situation, you thinkÖ
You start to enforce the dream

Your heart is hardened
Your mind continually relives parts to make you feel ok

The enemy has you in his snare
You begin to let it destroyed you little by little

You keep parts hidden, let it have a place in your life
It goes from a bump, to a mound, a hill and finally a mountain

The lie repeats itself and grows
Truth is nowhere to be found

Honesty is the best policy
Show grace, mercy and love when communicating

It can take a lifetime to learn this lesson
Take it from the almighty, truth might hurt

Better to hurt a little now
Than a lot in eternity


Story behind the poem

This was the first story I had written in several months.† The enemy has been working many different angles to get me comfortable with little lies in my life.† It’s surprising the enemy will use any distraction in your life to lose focus of our savior Jesus.† He’ll use the media, doubts from the past, dreams, and simple everyday annoyances.† Telling this story was several months in the making, itís the dead of winter.† I struggle from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), it’s when you don’t get enough SUN.

I learned when you are in the Sun, Vitamin D is absorbed into your body, helping you sleep.† One of the things I’m struggling is restful sleep on a regular basis.† Diet, exercise, a regular routine of sunshine are basics.† If these aren’t achieved on a regular basis in my life, moodiness sets in and signs of depression.† I attribute this to the enemy trying to distract me from my mission the Lord has given me.† Writing stories helps get them out in the open and darkness does not like light!† Prayers for anyone who battles these symptoms, most of all, resist the enemy, protect your heart.

*The outcome, for the enemy to attack me like this means God has something special!† I don’t know what although that is the feeling, God is still here, we are his and we ARE forgiven!*

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