Pondering Thought: Not-Knowing


Luke 23:33-35, Psalm 111, Proverbs 9


Through his love God gave us free will
It was to show His love

We were created to be in communion with him
Have a relationship, worship him

We were made in his image
There is nothing more holy and perfect

Some use free will for selfish gain
Some will ignore the obvious

They will ignore Him and His love
They think the world offers more hope

Their motives are self-serving
For a short-time, they glorify themselves

They cause division, ignore others petitions
Deep down they probably know right and wrong

They suppress their inner conscience
They no longer hear the small still voice

Some ignore God, some acknowledge him yet don’t follow
Some outright blaspheme his name

They openly ignore, promote hate and divisiveness
It does not matter who they hurt and destroy

All that matters is destruction
There is no compassion, no humility, and no love

God the Father is eternally patience
There is nothing that describes this trait

Love is as close as we can with human words
There will come a day when all people will give an account

My prayers are for all individuals who have not accepted Jesus
My prayers go to the people who openly deny him

My prayers go to those who stir up trouble for others
God states the beginning of wisdom is a healthy fear of Him

These words are true
We should heed them

When Jesus was on the cross dying for everyone’s sins
He cried out for mercy to those who don’t understand

These are my pleas and prayers for all who do not know Him
When we are in heaven, I hope we meet everyone who used to be like this

Jesus, thank you for your gift
Father have mercy, show grace to everyone who doesn’t know Jesus

Have them come to the light
Have their eyes opened before Jesus returns

Thank you for free will
Thank you for showing love, grace and mercy.


Story Behind the Poem:

There is a town in Michigan that had a 50 ft. Cross displayed a few times a year.  The cross had been up for over 50 years and was displayed about 10 times a year.  A group, who was not from the community, petitioned the city council to have it removed, or face a lawsuit.  The city council voted 3  – 2 to remove the cross and other religious symbols.  It is a privilege to display symbols on public property, two generations have passed since the Cross was erected.  The culture of today attacks these types of things and does not care if there is division created in a community.

Their self-serving agenda only means to serve selfish interests.  My human thoughts are of revenge, what we can do to stop the injustice.  God the Father spoke in scripture, revenge is his alone.  I thank him for this direction and thank the people who started the fight to keep the Cross posted on public property, their cause was the inspiration for this story.

My hope is what Jesus prayed, show mercy and grace for their eyes are not opened.  May they discover the gentle spirit offered as a free gift because of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.  I won’t ever know the outcome of the prayer.  There was a group who fought to keep the cross, and unfortunately they did not prevail.  Our hope is not on a piece of metal shaped as a cross as much who died on the cross 2000+ years ago.  The cross is only a symbol and our Lord is alive and will return one day.  Moments in history will be forgotten and with hope, each individual with this situation will have accepted Jesus as their savior.

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