Pondering Thought: Bad Taste


Proverbs 24:13, 27:7


Something has soured to the point of tasting bad
Some candies are made to be sour

These candies make your mouth water
There is a slight twinge of sweetness, although the sour taste almost overwhelms it

You try this food, after a while it sours
You try that food, after a while it sours too

I’m not sure what causes the sour taste
There is a certain odor and the bad taste gets burned into your memory

There are situations in life you try for a while
Which are like food

At first, the situation tastes sweet and satisfies;
After a while, there is a slight difference in your experience

The experience creates a seed of doubt
It makes you ponder and reflect

This could be the enemy fostering these feelings
You start to see situations that used to be there, although they are slightly different

You try hard not to remember the bad experience
You pray, asking for forgiveness and a glass half–full attitude

Other situations appear ever so slightly
Making you wonder if your instinct is trying to tell you something

You ignore your instincts, hoping the situation will recover
I’m not certain of the outcome, but I remember Jesus is there through it all

The situation can reveal itself as a bad mental taste
Making a person really wonder

Like anything, if something sours, pray for forgiveness
Pray for the situation to resolve itself.

If something bothers you mentally, use the word of God as a guide
Follow the instruction to correct through honest dialog

It’s God’s right to pass judgment alone
People will let you down, food will let you down

God won’t let you down, although at times it might seem that way
When going through something,

The taste might not be quite right…
Keep tinkering, trying, and praying

God will not let you have a bad taste of his love;
It will be sweet and enduring!


Story Behind the Poem

I was battling with some situations in life at the time personally.  It seemed for a while, regardless of work or personal situations, most everything I was involved in would start off on the right track, and then would sour.  I would try something else for a while, and then that would sour.  Through God’s love, I was able to work through it all, and find where God wanted me to be.

Doesn’t that always seem to happen?  You find yourself in a great situation; you go along with the crowd, and then – bam! Life moves on for some, changes for another.  Before long, your situation has changed; the chemistry isn’t the same.  Things begin to sour and change occurs. Being able to adjust with changes and adapt is something God has us on, and it’s a journey—an ever-changing journey!

Pondering Thought of the Day : Tithing : Why do we focus on what is being taken away when the amount taken is MUCH smaller than what remains?"

Recently, the enemy has me focused on the amount being taken when Tithing vs. amount remaining. Why do we focus so much and develop attitudes to complain, look at the glass 1/2 empty vs. being like the grateful Leper mentioned in Luke 17:11-19. I even know better! God I give this struggle to you and use it for a lesson to me and hopefully others!

Pondering Thought: Petty

James 1:27


Things in life come and go
There are hills and valleys

What happens during these times
Can have highs and lows

The commitment seems impossible
The challenges keep coming

The good times quickly evaporate
Strife and frustration remain

There are so many bigger things in life
Cancer, Stress, uncertainty and fear

When petty things crop up
It makes you feel bad you even have these feelings

The petty things can fester
The enemy sits back and waits

He uses negative emotions to further is mission
To destroy, conquer and devour

The petty feelings are only temporary
The effects linger on longer

It is biblical to express concern, sin directly with your brother
Get it over quickly and move on

The enemy does not need much to move in
Using petty feelings against us

Jesus was the ultimate role model
His parables provide all kinds of direction

It doesn’t matter what situation
His word is always right

Jesus, thank you for being there
In the best of times, darkest of times

I ask for repentance and forgiveness
I ask for your grace and mercy

Help me get over the petty feelings
Help me get back on track

Help me be a kingdom seeker
Help me be a kingdom bringer

Focus on what matters!


Pondering Thought of the Day : Ordinary

When you look at something in the moment, it seems ordinary.  When you reflect back you realize it was extraordinary.

“my wife posted a picture on Facebook of my three boys when they were 9, 6, 1 holding one of our pet Chinchilla. My kids are grown now and looking back at the picture, it was just an ordinary moment captured in a picture, I realized now it’s an extraordinary moment and appreciate it. I totally give thanks to the good Lord for all things, when special moments like this, I appreciate them as I get older. that is the inspiration for this saying. Next time a normal, every day moment is captured or you realize it, stop to smell the roses and take it in.”

Pondering Thought: The Heart

Title: The Heart

Scripture: Psalm 17:3, Romans 14:13-23


The Heart is selfish
The Heart is deceitful

The Heart gets jealous
The Heart is spiteful

The Heart takes things wrong
The Heart is prideful

The Heart holds onto things
The heart wants more

It keeps score and won’t let go
Even if I try to let go

The heart holds on with all its might
This causes distractions away from Christ

These distractions can cause others to stumble
Jesus states do not cause others stumble

When the enemy sees the distractions
He swoops into make the distraction bigger

The distractions cannot be easily undone
We need to seek Gods heart

God’s Heart is generous
God’s Heart is kind

God’s Heart is so big
No one can fathom

When things come up
That seems so big God’s

Heart can handle all things
All we have to do is give him our hearts

God, I desire for my heart to be pure
God, I desire for my heart to be all yours

No matter what has happened
I want to hand it all to you

I pray for all my brothers and sisters
I pray for them to seek Christ first

It does not matter how they seek you
As long as they do, that is all that matters

This is my pray to you I seek your heart and be more like your son
He provided the perfect example

No matter what people did to him He was forgiving, patient and loved them
So the struggle continues

A part of my heart wants to be continue down its own path
This leads to destruction I pray for forgiveness, ask for repentance

God I ask you to forgive my heart I ask you to come examine my heart oh
Lord Help my heart seek your path, not its own


Story Behind the poem:

The heart seeks emotion and wants what everything and have to pay nothing.  If left alone, it will bring evil to achieve the goal.  David said it best in Psalm 26, test my heart Lord.  I want my heart to yearn for God and his ways, not my selfish human ways.

Pondering Thought: Condition


Here is a story that God inspired me to write.  I find it appropriate as the weather is challenging in Michigan and others are struggling in other conditions.




John 16:33, Philippians 4:12, Luke 2


Sometimes you know what to expect
Sometimes you don’t

Regardless of your condition
The Holy bible states to be content in all things

That is easier said than done
There are occasions where unknown’s things occur

Uneasiness creates anxiety
We wonder about our future

For that have accepted Christ
We know our future

We know what our condition will be
Although the uncertainty is not easy right now

Finding peace in the unsettled times brings perspective
Rather the day is cold, cloudy and terrible

Or the day can be bright, sunny and peaceful
Seek the Lord and all his good no matter the condition

If you are experiencing an unknown situation
Take time to lay it at God’s feet

Jesus mentioned we will have troubles while on earth
Fear not he mentioned, for he overcame the world

The unexpected can become expected
The result can remain unknown

Our faith in one name, one Lord is certain
We know our condition when we accept him

Lord, I pray for everyone no matter their condition
Some have health issues, mental challenges, and other things

No matter what it is, no matter the condition
We can be restored to our original glorious self

By saying a few words, I accept your free Gift
You came to earth, the Word became flesh

You accepted the conditions although you are Holy
You took on our sin, for all time, for all people

For those who don’t recognize that
Please have them realize it

Whatever they think of Christians
Please have them Love Christ

Accepting Christ will change your condition and position
Lord, I thank you for all conditions, all challenges

In a eternal view, our condition is set
We don’t have to be concerned

While on this side of Heaven, when things get tough
Help us through our condition to be like Christ


Story Behind the Poem

We experienced an especially cold winter, lots of snow, no brief warm-ups.  This made people get really sick of winter, ready for a change.  I’m not sure what the weather is like where you live, in Michigan, the winter of 2014 was especially thing.  The day I wrote this story, I worshiped by singing on the Christian station vs. doing my normal devotionals.  I wanted to follow the spirit.  If you are experiencing something while reading this which you don’t know the condition, please review the scripture, I hope it helps you find peace and comfort in the Lord.

On other things, we found out we had some expensive medical bills, a blown transmissions along with I know people who had unknown medical diagnosis, didn’t know what their long term prognosis was, other anxieties in their life.  Condition really does a good job of describing Jesus’s situation when he came to earth, he was in Heaven, Holy and perfect.  He accepted other conditions to take on man’s sin and correct things showing his love.