Pondering Thought: Rain


Genesis 9:13, James 5:18


Rain comes from the heavens
Rain refreshes many things

Rain comes from thunderstorms
Hurricanes and Tornados too

Trees, Rivers and Air
All depend on it

Water can be temporary
It will evaporate into thin air

No matter how it falls
It showers the Earth

Situations in our world can be like rain
They come from various forms

Problems sprinkle their way into our lives
Trying to steal our focus away

Rain interrupts sunshine
It’s necessary for the ecosystem

It helps grow crops in fields
Without water, things would not live long

Problems are temporary
They can seem to flood our lives

Causing all kinds of issues
Until we stop and look around

We won’t notice the beauty rain brings
It refreshes earth like God does our soul

Thank you Lord for raining down
Blessings for all mankind

May God shower you with his love
Every day of your existence


Story Behind the poem

I wrote this story after doing my morning devotionals and asked God to rain down his blessings on my family and friends.  During this time, a song contained the word rain.  Another friend published a devotional on containing the word “shower”.

I also experienced an issue that at first blinded me from using common sense.  It took me to realize no matter how passionate we are, there is a different perspective that makes whatever we are passionate about not as meaningful.   If we are blinded by “rain so to speak”, we’ll not notice the sunshine and blessings rained down on us.

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