Pondering Thought: Condition


Here is a story that God inspired me to write.  I find it appropriate as the weather is challenging in Michigan and others are struggling in other conditions.




John 16:33, Philippians 4:12, Luke 2


Sometimes you know what to expect
Sometimes you don’t

Regardless of your condition
The Holy bible states to be content in all things

That is easier said than done
There are occasions where unknown’s things occur

Uneasiness creates anxiety
We wonder about our future

For that have accepted Christ
We know our future

We know what our condition will be
Although the uncertainty is not easy right now

Finding peace in the unsettled times brings perspective
Rather the day is cold, cloudy and terrible

Or the day can be bright, sunny and peaceful
Seek the Lord and all his good no matter the condition

If you are experiencing an unknown situation
Take time to lay it at God’s feet

Jesus mentioned we will have troubles while on earth
Fear not he mentioned, for he overcame the world

The unexpected can become expected
The result can remain unknown

Our faith in one name, one Lord is certain
We know our condition when we accept him

Lord, I pray for everyone no matter their condition
Some have health issues, mental challenges, and other things

No matter what it is, no matter the condition
We can be restored to our original glorious self

By saying a few words, I accept your free Gift
You came to earth, the Word became flesh

You accepted the conditions although you are Holy
You took on our sin, for all time, for all people

For those who don’t recognize that
Please have them realize it

Whatever they think of Christians
Please have them Love Christ

Accepting Christ will change your condition and position
Lord, I thank you for all conditions, all challenges

In a eternal view, our condition is set
We don’t have to be concerned

While on this side of Heaven, when things get tough
Help us through our condition to be like Christ


Story Behind the Poem

We experienced an especially cold winter, lots of snow, no brief warm-ups.  This made people get really sick of winter, ready for a change.  I’m not sure what the weather is like where you live, in Michigan, the winter of 2014 was especially thing.  The day I wrote this story, I worshiped by singing on the Christian station vs. doing my normal devotionals.  I wanted to follow the spirit.  If you are experiencing something while reading this which you don’t know the condition, please review the scripture, I hope it helps you find peace and comfort in the Lord.

On other things, we found out we had some expensive medical bills, a blown transmissions along with I know people who had unknown medical diagnosis, didn’t know what their long term prognosis was, other anxieties in their life.  Condition really does a good job of describing Jesus’s situation when he came to earth, he was in Heaven, Holy and perfect.  He accepted other conditions to take on man’s sin and correct things showing his love.

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