Pondering Thought: The Heart

Title: The Heart

Scripture: Psalm 17:3, Romans 14:13-23


The Heart is selfish
The Heart is deceitful

The Heart gets jealous
The Heart is spiteful

The Heart takes things wrong
The Heart is prideful

The Heart holds onto things
The heart wants more

It keeps score and won’t let go
Even if I try to let go

The heart holds on with all its might
This causes distractions away from Christ

These distractions can cause others to stumble
Jesus states do not cause others stumble

When the enemy sees the distractions
He swoops into make the distraction bigger

The distractions cannot be easily undone
We need to seek Gods heart

God’s Heart is generous
God’s Heart is kind

God’s Heart is so big
No one can fathom

When things come up
That seems so big God’s

Heart can handle all things
All we have to do is give him our hearts

God, I desire for my heart to be pure
God, I desire for my heart to be all yours

No matter what has happened
I want to hand it all to you

I pray for all my brothers and sisters
I pray for them to seek Christ first

It does not matter how they seek you
As long as they do, that is all that matters

This is my pray to you I seek your heart and be more like your son
He provided the perfect example

No matter what people did to him He was forgiving, patient and loved them
So the struggle continues

A part of my heart wants to be continue down its own path
This leads to destruction I pray for forgiveness, ask for repentance

God I ask you to forgive my heart I ask you to come examine my heart oh
Lord Help my heart seek your path, not its own


Story Behind the poem:

The heart seeks emotion and wants what everything and have to pay nothing.  If left alone, it will bring evil to achieve the goal.  David said it best in Psalm 26, test my heart Lord.  I want my heart to yearn for God and his ways, not my selfish human ways.

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