Pondering Thought: Petty

James 1:27


Things in life come and go
There are hills and valleys

What happens during these times
Can have highs and lows

The commitment seems impossible
The challenges keep coming

The good times quickly evaporate
Strife and frustration remain

There are so many bigger things in life
Cancer, Stress, uncertainty and fear

When petty things crop up
It makes you feel bad you even have these feelings

The petty things can fester
The enemy sits back and waits

He uses negative emotions to further is mission
To destroy, conquer and devour

The petty feelings are only temporary
The effects linger on longer

It is biblical to express concern, sin directly with your brother
Get it over quickly and move on

The enemy does not need much to move in
Using petty feelings against us

Jesus was the ultimate role model
His parables provide all kinds of direction

It doesn’t matter what situation
His word is always right

Jesus, thank you for being there
In the best of times, darkest of times

I ask for repentance and forgiveness
I ask for your grace and mercy

Help me get over the petty feelings
Help me get back on track

Help me be a kingdom seeker
Help me be a kingdom bringer

Focus on what matters!


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