Pondering Thought: Bad Taste


Proverbs 24:13, 27:7


Something has soured to the point of tasting bad
Some candies are made to be sour

These candies make your mouth water
There is a slight twinge of sweetness, although the sour taste almost overwhelms it

You try this food, after a while it sours
You try that food, after a while it sours too

I’m not sure what causes the sour taste
There is a certain odor and the bad taste gets burned into your memory

There are situations in life you try for a while
Which are like food

At first, the situation tastes sweet and satisfies;
After a while, there is a slight difference in your experience

The experience creates a seed of doubt
It makes you ponder and reflect

This could be the enemy fostering these feelings
You start to see situations that used to be there, although they are slightly different

You try hard not to remember the bad experience
You pray, asking for forgiveness and a glass half–full attitude

Other situations appear ever so slightly
Making you wonder if your instinct is trying to tell you something

You ignore your instincts, hoping the situation will recover
I’m not certain of the outcome, but I remember Jesus is there through it all

The situation can reveal itself as a bad mental taste
Making a person really wonder

Like anything, if something sours, pray for forgiveness
Pray for the situation to resolve itself.

If something bothers you mentally, use the word of God as a guide
Follow the instruction to correct through honest dialog

It’s God’s right to pass judgment alone
People will let you down, food will let you down

God won’t let you down, although at times it might seem that way
When going through something,

The taste might not be quite right…
Keep tinkering, trying, and praying

God will not let you have a bad taste of his love;
It will be sweet and enduring!


Story Behind the Poem

I was battling with some situations in life at the time personally.  It seemed for a while, regardless of work or personal situations, most everything I was involved in would start off on the right track, and then would sour.  I would try something else for a while, and then that would sour.  Through God’s love, I was able to work through it all, and find where God wanted me to be.

Doesn’t that always seem to happen?  You find yourself in a great situation; you go along with the crowd, and then – bam! Life moves on for some, changes for another.  Before long, your situation has changed; the chemistry isn’t the same.  Things begin to sour and change occurs. Being able to adjust with changes and adapt is something God has us on, and it’s a journey—an ever-changing journey!

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