Pondering Thought of the Week : Alone

Here is an previously unpublished store I wrote called Alone…Enjoy

Absent, Void, Bare
Feelings of loss

Single, Peaceful, God Fearing
Feelings of refreshment

Time away, Time to reflect
Thinking about what really matters

Reflect about the past
Review the present

Contemplate the future
Planning for the best

We are not alone when born
We are not alone when death comes

We alone face judgment from our maker
Hoping for the magic words

“Well done good and faithful servant”
We are only one step away from meeting Jesus

Make sure while on earth
You pray a lot, pray often, pray hard

Ask Jesus for guidance
About every task, every question, every problem

He can help provide guidance
So you do not end up alone

With Jesus in your life
You are NEVER alone

When driving to work
When going on a trip

We are designed to be social
The world glorifies going at it alone

You are on the earth maybe 4 score
You are in eternity forever

Man can’t imagine forever
They can imagine 4 score

Jesus, thank you for coming to earth
So we are not alone everlasting


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