Pondering Thought of the Week : Reflection

God laid the word Reflection on my heart.


John 3:16,  Exodus:20, Matthew 22:34-40

Story behind the story
I woke up one morning thinking of all kinds of negative things, or being prompted I don’t know.  I was worried about several items, few from home, couple from work and personal  items, which was one impacting reading comments on stories, most were negative and had apathic mood it puts you in.  Additional, I was reading a story of a person who is a  reporter for a popular website, they tried to unplug for 5 days, failed miserably and gave in.  They traveled to a resort in the Caribbean, after a few days, they had to check  email.  They couldn’t stand it, on top of it, they journeled their feelings and published in an article.  The first thing that came to mind was “you shall have no other idols before me”.  God says you shouldn’t have other idols (Gods) ahead of me, when is idolatry.  How self-absorbed the iGeneration has become, and weak humans get addicted for other people’s attention.

Waking up one morning next to the lake
The water is as still as glass

A mountain in the background
The reflection of it shadows on the water perfectly

A person sitting on the porch
Drinking their favorite coffee in the morning

Pondering what is ahead for that day
Or thinking of the problems they’ve overcome

Rocking back and forth in their swing
Trying to muster enough energy to get around for the day.

No TV, No Internet, No Radio, No noise
Just sitting in the swing listening to Gods Creation

At this very moment, a deep breath is taken
This seems so perfect, so simple, why don’t seek this more often

We hop on the highway of life
One problem after another, one distraction after another

Days, Weeks, Months, Years go by
We get in the routine of hustle and bustle

Forgetting the time of simple, calm ways
We long for this and when we attempt to slow down

Our mind is still in the fast lane thinking of life’s problems and distractions
The small still voice is still trying to get through all the clutter

When that person was sitting on the porch
The small still voice was heard loud and clear

In the hustle of everyday life
Our idols, problems, distractions all take a higher priority

Only when something stops us abruptly
A death, loss of a job or some other impactful situation

It forces us to stop and take a breath from the fast pace of life
The enemy uses distraction as one of their tools to take our focus off the creator

The greatest commandment mentions we shall give our mind, hearts (love) and attention to God
Not a portion of them, but all of them

When we are distracted by the world, that necessarily isn’t a bad thing
It’s when you put the world before God is when it turns to a bad thing

Where are you at in your walk with the creator?
Do you have idols? Do you have habits you can’t give up?

Take a moment to reflect, unplug as the iGeneration calls it
See who you are really focusing your attention on and who you are watching

If you are worried about others business
Need to check on what others are doing

Worried about what they think of you
Or feel the need to check in

Forcefully take a break from the fast pace
Read the Greatest Commandment and ask for guidance!

It probably will feel awkward, uncomfortable and have this nagging feeling
The feeling will quickly pass and

Put you back when you can see reflections of the mountain in the water
And the creator small still voice providing guidance in our lives.

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