Pondering Thought of the Week : All Sides of me


All Sides of me


Luke 17:11-19


For those who like me
Thank you

For those who love me
Thank you more

For those who don’t know me
Letís get to know each other

For those who don’t like me
Letís sit down and resolve our differences

For those who don’t understand me
Letís have coffee, share our stories

For those with struggles
Don’t keep them to yourself

For those with praises
Share them regularly

Each person in your life
Pray for them continually

When life gives you lemons
Try to make lemonade

When it’s seems impossible
Lean on God more, ask for His mercy and grace

Life is full of unknowns
There will be different people, different situations

Some will be harder than others
As we learn more

We’ll realize there is a lot we don’t know
We won’t know the answer to some questions on this side of heaven

At all times, please be with me
During the dark times especially

Provide me more peace and understanding
Provide me Love and Grace

Until faith becomes sight
Provide the inner peace to deal with everything

God, I love you.
Thank you through Christ Jesus our Lord


Story behind the Poem

This†poem was dedicated to my Mother who was facing some challenges.

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