Pondering Thought of the Week : Thief


There once was a man
Who did badly his whole life

Everything considered bad
Supposedly he did

He was tried, convicted and nailed to a cross
He wasn’t a lifelong Christian

He hadn’t help anyone
He couldn’t even help himself anymore

His only good fortune
He was nailed next to The Son of God

He happened to have a change of heart at the right time
He uttered some simple words

They included “Lord, remember me”
The LORD could ignored this man

The LORD was a little busy at the moment
He had been beaten, battered and nailed on a cross too

The LORD had his own worries at the moment
For he was bearing all manís sins, for all time

Just think, the LORD in this very moment
Suffering more than anyone has ever suffered or will have to suffer

Had the awareness to pay attention to this thief
He showed love when the thief was getting what he deserved

The LORD didn’t condemn the thief
He forgave him and said in such a way

You’ll be with me in heaven
Youíll be in glory with me forever

The next time you think someone is beyond saving
The next time you think someone won’t listen

Remember the thief, in his final hours
No baptism, No good works, No following Jesus

All he did was call on the LORD with 100% faith
Lord, I need you in my heart, it’s broken

Please, Please, Please I fear God
And want you to help save me

People, it’s not up to Man to make judgments of others
It’s our heavenly father alone

It is never too late while living to call on the name of Jesus
Thank you Christ Jesus for this illustration

Even in your dying, most physical, mental and spiritual pain
You took time to save a dying thief who had a change in his heart

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you
For not turning the other cheek, your example provides hope to all!

Story Behind the Story

I was reading an ebook by DL Moody on “Men of the Bible“.  The last story, how fitting, was the story of Penitent Thief.  The one in Luke 23:32:43. I think unlike any other story, it’s not about works or anything else we can do, the LORD wants your heart alone, no matter when. This also goes along with what was being discussed at a recent small group, we were discussing the word Grace!

Pondering Thought of the Week : Little Lost Sheep

Matthew 18:12-14

The little Lost Sheep

There was once a herd of sheep
They had been moving from field to field

Grazing day in and day out
This had been going on for a while

One day, the Shepherd protecting them
Asked them to come to this special place

The place is so special, the grass is greener
The hillsides are beautiful, the landscape is breathtaking

As they were getting ready to go
One little sheep stumbled and was unable to make the journey

The Shepherd was very sad not all his sheep could go
To protect the rest of the sheep, the one could not make the trip

The little lost sheep stayed back in the current field
Which was safe and sound, yet the little sheep was alone

Although the sheep was yearning to go to with the rest
The fences put up didn’t allow it

After much prayer and yearning
The Holy Shepherd made things right

The little lost sheep, feeling abandoned at first
Was not abandoned by the Holy Shepherd

He made it right and got the little lost sheep
To the very special place

Although we can’t understand why this happened
In the bigger picture, the little sheep will eventually know

When the little sheep rejoined the rest of his friends
He was so happy just to be there

The Holy Shepherd keeps track of his flock
No matter the circumstance, no matter the trial

The next time you are in trial
Please ask for help from your Holy Shepherd

He’ll guide you through trial and ruin
He’ll guide you to the special place, forever!


Story Behind The Story

I was on the plane heading to Israel and we were minutes from taking off when a lady came up crying.  The flight attendant was instructing the person she had to get off the bus.  This person was about to sit down in their seat when luggage fell and hit them behind the head.  It caused a headache and the airline was concerned a trans-Atlantic flight with a closed head injury.  The bad thing, the airlines left them alone at the airport and didn’t follow-up any further.  They were able get on the next flight and only missed 1 full day and 1 partial day of the trip.  

Pondering Thought of the Week : Live and Let Live

Live and Let Live

1 Peter 3:8-22

Story behind the Story
This was inspired by a couple of people who were ranting on a posting with Tebow and his book.  I got into some back and forth discussion, it creates some anxiety on my side, which I know I’m open to when I respond to non-believers.  The bible states “do not repay evil for evil”.  Now and finally now, this scripture comes to mind.  I can’t change anyone’s mind let alone a person who has a deep seeded non-faith towards Jesus.  It really causes me and my heart to feel for these people for they lack the experience of having the creator talk to them and impact their life in a positive, constructive way.  If this was other world religion(s), they wouldn’t be nearly as open.  Only when it comes to Jesus do people feel they can put the creator down. 

They mock, They ridicule
They state only facts will do

Even if God himself showed to these non-believers
They Would probably doubt his existence

They doubt even though science was invented by the creator
Scripture states they need faith

If they can’t believe in what they can see
How can we expect to believe in something they can’t

The world is one amazing miracle
People are another God Miracle

Why can’t people acknowledge that
The last few years have been amazing

It’s help me realize my faults
I can’t handle the world alone

A wise person told me they are actually impressed
By the fact people are willing to handle the world themselves

The world as we know it is falling apart
Morals from generations past have failed

People wanting independence thinking they are smarter than they really are
Not sure if it’s pride, fooliness or what

All I know my heart hurts
They provide no credit to anyone who believes different

All they can do is put down stating facts are needed
I can respect the need for facts

Heck, even a former preacher became one of the leaders
Of the non-believer movement

Not sure what happen in his life to become so bitter towards believers
He probably would make me look foolish

All I have is my own testimony
If a person tries to rebuke that, they are a bigger fool than they realize

I must learn to have grace and move on
The enemy wants us to get in the trenches and argue

When we know the outcome will be different
I for one have faith in God

He shows up daily in my life
Where it’s headed, I have a plan for you he stated long ago

The anxiety is still a little there
Although I know different

I thank the two I read about for inspiring this
I hope to be better prepared for future doubters

To let live and let live
Not get caught up in the mud, which does nothing but gets us dirty

Thank you Lord for showing up in my life
I pray for the rest of mankind!

Pondering Thought of the Week : The Days After

Another story was laid on my heart….

The Days After

James 5:16

Story behind the Story
This story is inspired after talking with individuals who recently accepted Christ as their savior.  They were describing previous situations were still present in their life causing issues.  My heart goes out to individuals who are trying to change.  After the emotional high has subsided, trying to live a new life can be hard at first!

You wake up one day knowing things should be different
You accept the calling from our Lord and savior

For a while the emotions are awesome
The feelings are so natural and feel really good

You didn’t realize a person could feel this way
It is a new world with lots of new things coming along

You join groups, dig into his word and start down the right path
This path has you growing closer to Jesus

The one thing that can happen after a while
The day after, or a few weeks or months go by

The old life and some things remain the same
Some people haven’t adjusted or consequences from previous lives remain

Your new found faith provides some protection
Although the old habits don’t go away completely

The emotions linger trying to pull you back to your old self
You resist and pray the problems will disappear

With so much going on, it’s hard to keep it straight
Forgiveness is an easy thing to say, although not so easy to implement at first

The negative emotions of defensiveness come charging back
Before accepting Christ, this was the only way you knew

The enemy sits back and waits to see how we respond
Waiting for the “high” to subside

When things return to normal
When old habits try to creep back in

The enemy will pounce like a roaring Lion
Waiting to devour those who recently gave their life to Christ

Being Vulnerable, Feeling helpless isn’t normal
It’s easy to return to the old form

The old form seems normal and the new normal seems odd
For every individual, their walk and healing their wounds is different, it takes time

The one thing that is the same is Jesus in each of us
The Holy Spirit is there helping although we have to choose to change

Sharing your pains with a brother or sister in Christ is a first step
The rage and confusion you feel don’t easily go away nor do the problems

In His time, things will smooth out although that can seem like an eternity
The best thing I can say is, pray and involve those who can help you through it

Plainly state you have changed and trying to live differently than before
How can we calmly work this out or come to a truce

These are difficult things and facing them alone can make us defensive
When difficult times arise, we need to seek God’s help

We need his guidance, direction and love
God, please help new believers to keep on the right path

Towards a stronger relationship with you
Through your son Jesus Christ!