Pondering Thought of the Week : Live and Let Live

Live and Let Live

1 Peter 3:8-22

Story behind the Story
This was inspired by a couple of people who were ranting on a posting with Tebow and his book.  I got into some back and forth discussion, it creates some anxiety on my side, which I know I’m open to when I respond to non-believers.  The bible states “do not repay evil for evil”.  Now and finally now, this scripture comes to mind.  I can’t change anyone’s mind let alone a person who has a deep seeded non-faith towards Jesus.  It really causes me and my heart to feel for these people for they lack the experience of having the creator talk to them and impact their life in a positive, constructive way.  If this was other world religion(s), they wouldn’t be nearly as open.  Only when it comes to Jesus do people feel they can put the creator down. 

They mock, They ridicule
They state only facts will do

Even if God himself showed to these non-believers
They Would probably doubt his existence

They doubt even though science was invented by the creator
Scripture states they need faith

If they can’t believe in what they can see
How can we expect to believe in something they can’t

The world is one amazing miracle
People are another God Miracle

Why can’t people acknowledge that
The last few years have been amazing

It’s help me realize my faults
I can’t handle the world alone

A wise person told me they are actually impressed
By the fact people are willing to handle the world themselves

The world as we know it is falling apart
Morals from generations past have failed

People wanting independence thinking they are smarter than they really are
Not sure if it’s pride, fooliness or what

All I know my heart hurts
They provide no credit to anyone who believes different

All they can do is put down stating facts are needed
I can respect the need for facts

Heck, even a former preacher became one of the leaders
Of the non-believer movement

Not sure what happen in his life to become so bitter towards believers
He probably would make me look foolish

All I have is my own testimony
If a person tries to rebuke that, they are a bigger fool than they realize

I must learn to have grace and move on
The enemy wants us to get in the trenches and argue

When we know the outcome will be different
I for one have faith in God

He shows up daily in my life
Where it’s headed, I have a plan for you he stated long ago

The anxiety is still a little there
Although I know different

I thank the two I read about for inspiring this
I hope to be better prepared for future doubters

To let live and let live
Not get caught up in the mud, which does nothing but gets us dirty

Thank you Lord for showing up in my life
I pray for the rest of mankind!

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