Pondering Thought of the Week : Little Lost Sheep

Matthew 18:12-14

The little Lost Sheep

There was once a herd of sheep
They had been moving from field to field

Grazing day in and day out
This had been going on for a while

One day, the Shepherd protecting them
Asked them to come to this special place

The place is so special, the grass is greener
The hillsides are beautiful, the landscape is breathtaking

As they were getting ready to go
One little sheep stumbled and was unable to make the journey

The Shepherd was very sad not all his sheep could go
To protect the rest of the sheep, the one could not make the trip

The little lost sheep stayed back in the current field
Which was safe and sound, yet the little sheep was alone

Although the sheep was yearning to go to with the rest
The fences put up didn’t allow it

After much prayer and yearning
The Holy Shepherd made things right

The little lost sheep, feeling abandoned at first
Was not abandoned by the Holy Shepherd

He made it right and got the little lost sheep
To the very special place

Although we can’t understand why this happened
In the bigger picture, the little sheep will eventually know

When the little sheep rejoined the rest of his friends
He was so happy just to be there

The Holy Shepherd keeps track of his flock
No matter the circumstance, no matter the trial

The next time you are in trial
Please ask for help from your Holy Shepherd

He’ll guide you through trial and ruin
He’ll guide you to the special place, forever!


Story Behind The Story

I was on the plane heading to Israel and we were minutes from taking off when a lady came up crying.  The flight attendant was instructing the person she had to get off the bus.  This person was about to sit down in their seat when luggage fell and hit them behind the head.  It caused a headache and the airline was concerned a trans-Atlantic flight with a closed head injury.  The bad thing, the airlines left them alone at the airport and didn’t follow-up any further.  They were able get on the next flight and only missed 1 full day and 1 partial day of the trip.  

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