Pondering Thought of the Week : Thief


There once was a man
Who did badly his whole life

Everything considered bad
Supposedly he did

He was tried, convicted and nailed to a cross
He wasn’t a lifelong Christian

He hadn’t help anyone
He couldn’t even help himself anymore

His only good fortune
He was nailed next to The Son of God

He happened to have a change of heart at the right time
He uttered some simple words

They included “Lord, remember me”
The LORD could ignored this man

The LORD was a little busy at the moment
He had been beaten, battered and nailed on a cross too

The LORD had his own worries at the moment
For he was bearing all manís sins, for all time

Just think, the LORD in this very moment
Suffering more than anyone has ever suffered or will have to suffer

Had the awareness to pay attention to this thief
He showed love when the thief was getting what he deserved

The LORD didn’t condemn the thief
He forgave him and said in such a way

You’ll be with me in heaven
Youíll be in glory with me forever

The next time you think someone is beyond saving
The next time you think someone won’t listen

Remember the thief, in his final hours
No baptism, No good works, No following Jesus

All he did was call on the LORD with 100% faith
Lord, I need you in my heart, it’s broken

Please, Please, Please I fear God
And want you to help save me

People, it’s not up to Man to make judgments of others
It’s our heavenly father alone

It is never too late while living to call on the name of Jesus
Thank you Christ Jesus for this illustration

Even in your dying, most physical, mental and spiritual pain
You took time to save a dying thief who had a change in his heart

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you
For not turning the other cheek, your example provides hope to all!

Story Behind the Story

I was reading an ebook by DL Moody on “Men of the Bible“.  The last story, how fitting, was the story of Penitent Thief.  The one in Luke 23:32:43. I think unlike any other story, it’s not about works or anything else we can do, the LORD wants your heart alone, no matter when. This also goes along with what was being discussed at a recent small group, we were discussing the word Grace!

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