Pondering Thought of the Week : EveryDay Porneia

This story was written after reading a book by Mark Driscoll and his wife. 


Everyday Porneia

Modesty has taken a back seat
Showing more and more

What is displayed for everyone to see
Is expected to be shared by some

In the world today, Porneia is available almost everywhere
It’s in books, on billboards, commercials and online

The appearance is subtle, not revealing everything at once
Little here, little there showing something forbidden

Porneia generates an interest for its observers
The observers are really victims; they just don’t know it yet

Sensations are increased temporarily
The long term affects are devastating

Porneia is relentless, we are wired to react
When we see something that looks nice, we react

Men are wired visually by design
It only takes a glance, a brief look to be engaged

A brief high seems so innocent
It makes the person feel good

The images seen stay much longer mentally
This can wire the brain differently than God intended

The definition of beauty starts to change and become confusing
We start comparing every possible situation to what we have

Everything starts to get bland
We get bored with normal and seek other avenues

Porneia is appealing, yet so addictive
Even a glance is too damaging to risk

*God intended us to be attracted to our spouses
*After marriage, these feeling should grow very intense

Physically, emotionally and spiritually
All senses are enhanced from the love we feel for our spouse

God intended our spouse is our definition of beauty, nothing else
The world today has twisted this particular fact so much

No one knows what the standard of beauty is supposed to be
Porneia intention is to lure someone into its grip

Get them addicted to something they can’t have
Change their heart and turn away from everything else

The images portrayed kill its victim in a different way
They become desensitized to most everything

The enemy twists God’s perfect design
Many, many are impacted by its effects

The words in Songs of Solomon are God’s design
The world has taken this design and altered beyond recognition

Extraordinary measures have to be taken
To overcome the effects that has taken years to accumulate

We need to display extreme repentance to our Lord and Savior
For only He has the Grace and Mercy to overcome anything

Porneia is God’s design twisted, plain and simple
To undo its effects needs God’s power

Nothing man made can overcome it, we are not strong enough
God, we need your power to help overcome the misuse of your perfect creation

Story behind the Story

This story was written after reading a book by Mark Driscoll and his wife called Real Marriage:The Trust About Sex, Friendship and Life Together

*-This statement was inspired and paraphrased by something written in the book!

Pondering Thought of the Week : Peaceful Servant

This story was written after spending a weekend at “The Shack”


The Peaceful Servant

Ever been to a place where time forgot
It is so peaceful yet beautifully modern

Master works of art everywhere
Including the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus

Lots of crosses, books and pictures
One of kinds is there too

There are other rare items
Quality made with values long since gone

Some are so rare, only a few are left on earth
When you view them, you know they are good

The serene view is breath taking
The water is calm, not a ripple about

Everywhere is God’s handy work
The workers are just here to assist

God is in-charge over every detail
You can sense his mere presence

When you are a servant of God
You desire nothing else but his love

The calm you feel is almost surreal
The stresses of the day just slip away

You just sit about for a spell
Talking with friends and family

You reconnect with them, the batteries are recharged
At the same time, the Holy Spirit is hovering too

His presence assists us on earth
Providing peace and guidance

When you connect with God and do his work
Your soul becomes so peaceful

Other desires, hopes and dreams
Slip away never to return

Thank you God for spots like this
Where we can connect with you, family and friends

One day we’ll stand in heaven in your presence

Enjoying your eternal peace and wonders!

Story behind the Story

I wrote this story while spending a weekend getaway with my wife, family and friends. The Shack is anything but a ‘shack’, it’s a beautiful place in Jugville MI USA. if you ever have a chance to visit, I strongly encourage it!

Pondering Thought of the Week : Big God

Here is a story written while at the FUEL conference in Louisville Kentucky.

Big God

You are a Big God
Bigger than anything or anyone

No one can fathom
Your size, nor your thoughts

You are sovereign
You created us with free will

God, in a few months
8000+ will ascend in your name

They will be seeking something
Many are not sure of what

Some will come down from the North
Others from the South, East and West

Their minds will be like clay
They need something to influence them

They will need someone to shape their thoughts
Some will realize you sooner than others

Some will be guided by your helpers and teachers
Please inspire your helpers to guide these young minds

The helpers, guides and teachers alike
Seek your truth, guidance and wisdom

These 8000+ can influence the next generation
We ask and pray your bigness to show

We ask for your bigness to guide, and eventually lead
Others to your son Jesus

This will be a huge event, not as big as you
We all know, you are a big God

Wanting to do Big things in everyone’s life
Go Big, and eventually Go Home to your Big House!


Story behind the story

Big God came into my mind while being shown a large arena for the F12 conference in Louisville KY. The conference will be attended by high school teenagers. One of the leaders was describing various activities and where they will be hosted in the convention center. The building is 140k square feet. The building is big, the effort to get the conference up and going is big, and the goals are really big! They asked us to pray for the upcoming conference locations. I sat down and wrote this story. I hope this inspires the leaders, teachers and most of all the students attending the conference

Pondering Thought of the Week : Scars

Another story laid on my heart.  Hope it helps!


Story behind the story:

I was driving one day and the word Scar was laid on my heart. I was dealing with a few small things that seem to linger. Some of the small things were how I perceived stuff, which impacted my perception and mood. I realize I was hanging onto this baggage and needed to let it go. Seems simple but recognizing it is the biggest thing. Took me a few years, but here is one more thing I can hand over to God to handle, because I can’t handle alone.


Scars can be little
Scars can be large

People see scars and wonder what happened
Some come from burns, some from car accidents

Scars can be a scrape on a car
Scars can be on a person’s body

There are mental scars
The mental ones can linger for a long time

Other scars are self-inflicted
No matter what, they deform “the original thing”

Scars impact everything we do
The make us think twice

They hang around reminding us of pain
The pain could have been temporary or really bad

If you hang onto the scar
The pain will continue impacting you

The enemy likes scars
They build up and become a burden over time

The format perfect “whatever” is now damaged goods
Some things can be replaced

Mental scars don’t heal so easy
These require forgiveness, obedience

When Jesus had the nails put into his body
He’ll have these scars for all time

Wow, Eternity with Scars
He didn’t have to do this but because he loved us

He bears these scars
Whatever the scar, mental, physical or to an object

The sooner you learn to forgive
The sooner you learn to move past the pain

The scars can be done by another person to you or whatever
Give them ALL to God and let him handle it

Scars, they deform, they alter, they damage
How you deal with is between you and the creator

God I give you my scars to heal in your own special way
Thank you for being the ultimate scare “healer”


Pondering Thought of the Week : The Ultimate Janitor

Here is another story that was laid on my heart.

The Ultimate Janitor

Story Behind The Story
This was inspired on 1/1/2012, the first Church service of the New Year.  I had a few  days off during Christmas and New Year’s, we went bowling, watched a lot of movies,  some probably weren’t the best, and differences of opinion with people.  Regardless of the little things, they were like trash cluttering up my  mental life.  We were singing during the service and I had some disconnected thoughts and when Pastor Joel said the statement, “Taking out the trash”, I was inspired while he was praying for the title of this story.


Every Year Christmas comes
Many presents are given

This creates trash and unwanted items
All the wrapping paper and bows get in the way

Combined with all the food that is prepared
Trash abounds and starts to stink something bad

Trash bins overflow, the trash man comes a day later
The trash hangs around a little longer than normal

The New Year is nearly here, old habits crop up
Some of us become complacent, visiting places of old sins

God’s standards are ignored
Glancing at unwanted places

Apathy starts to set in
Anxiety happens, language loosens a little

The feelings are like stinky trash
They stink up our soul

Other things come up like a few bad thoughts
The impulse of bad thoughts cause temporary fear

We judge those closest to us
It numbs our feelings towards them

All the negative thoughts and bad feelings
stink up our soul so bad, we can’t get rid of them fast enough

How easily we forget the heavenly peace God provides
This is where Jesus comes in, he willing to take out our trash

He provides grace and mercy
God, we need daily pickup, please help keep us on track

Help keep the enemy away from our trash
so he can’t hold on to it and use it against us

Sin is the `trash’ on our souls
Jesus is the ultimate Janitor, picking up stinky trash off our souls.