Pondering Thought of the Week : The Ultimate Janitor

Here is another story that was laid on my heart.

The Ultimate Janitor

Story Behind The Story
This was inspired on 1/1/2012, the first Church service of the New Year.  I had a few  days off during Christmas and New Year’s, we went bowling, watched a lot of movies,  some probably weren’t the best, and differences of opinion with people.  Regardless of the little things, they were like trash cluttering up my  mental life.  We were singing during the service and I had some disconnected thoughts and when Pastor Joel said the statement, “Taking out the trash”, I was inspired while he was praying for the title of this story.


Every Year Christmas comes
Many presents are given

This creates trash and unwanted items
All the wrapping paper and bows get in the way

Combined with all the food that is prepared
Trash abounds and starts to stink something bad

Trash bins overflow, the trash man comes a day later
The trash hangs around a little longer than normal

The New Year is nearly here, old habits crop up
Some of us become complacent, visiting places of old sins

God’s standards are ignored
Glancing at unwanted places

Apathy starts to set in
Anxiety happens, language loosens a little

The feelings are like stinky trash
They stink up our soul

Other things come up like a few bad thoughts
The impulse of bad thoughts cause temporary fear

We judge those closest to us
It numbs our feelings towards them

All the negative thoughts and bad feelings
stink up our soul so bad, we can’t get rid of them fast enough

How easily we forget the heavenly peace God provides
This is where Jesus comes in, he willing to take out our trash

He provides grace and mercy
God, we need daily pickup, please help keep us on track

Help keep the enemy away from our trash
so he can’t hold on to it and use it against us

Sin is the `trash’ on our souls
Jesus is the ultimate Janitor, picking up stinky trash off our souls.


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