Pondering Thought of the Week : Scars

Another story laid on my heart.  Hope it helps!


Story behind the story:

I was driving one day and the word Scar was laid on my heart. I was dealing with a few small things that seem to linger. Some of the small things were how I perceived stuff, which impacted my perception and mood. I realize I was hanging onto this baggage and needed to let it go. Seems simple but recognizing it is the biggest thing. Took me a few years, but here is one more thing I can hand over to God to handle, because I can’t handle alone.


Scars can be little
Scars can be large

People see scars and wonder what happened
Some come from burns, some from car accidents

Scars can be a scrape on a car
Scars can be on a personís body

There are mental scars
The mental ones can linger for a long time

Other scars are self-inflicted
No matter what, they deform “the original thing”

Scars impact everything we do
The make us think twice

They hang around reminding us of pain
The pain could have been temporary or really bad

If you hang onto the scar
The pain will continue impacting you

The enemy likes scars
They build up and become a burden over time

The format perfect “whatever” is now damaged goods
Some things can be replaced

Mental scars don’t heal so easy
These require forgiveness, obedience

When Jesus had the nails put into his body
He’ll have these scars for all time

Wow, Eternity with Scars
He didn’t have to do this but because he loved us

He bears these scars
Whatever the scar, mental, physical or to an object

The sooner you learn to forgive
The sooner you learn to move past the pain

The scars can be done by another person to you or whatever
Give them ALL to God and let him handle it

Scars, they deform, they alter, they damage
How you deal with is between you and the creator

God I give you my scars to heal in your own special way
Thank you for being the ultimate scare “healer”


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