Pondering Thought of the Week : Big God

Here is a story written while at the FUEL conference in Louisville Kentucky.

Big God

You are a Big God
Bigger than anything or anyone

No one can fathom
Your size, nor your thoughts

You are sovereign
You created us with free will

God, in a few months
8000+ will ascend in your name

They will be seeking something
Many are not sure of what

Some will come down from the North
Others from the South, East and West

Their minds will be like clay
They need something to influence them

They will need someone to shape their thoughts
Some will realize you sooner than others

Some will be guided by your helpers and teachers
Please inspire your helpers to guide these young minds

The helpers, guides and teachers alike
Seek your truth, guidance and wisdom

These 8000+ can influence the next generation
We ask and pray your bigness to show

We ask for your bigness to guide, and eventually lead
Others to your son Jesus

This will be a huge event, not as big as you
We all know, you are a big God

Wanting to do Big things in everyone’s life
Go Big, and eventually Go Home to your Big House!


Story behind the story

Big God came into my mind while being shown a large arena for the F12 conference in Louisville KY. The conference will be attended by high school teenagers. One of the leaders was describing various activities and where they will be hosted in the convention center. The building is 140k square feet. The building is big, the effort to get the conference up and going is big, and the goals are really big! They asked us to pray for the upcoming conference locations. I sat down and wrote this story. I hope this inspires the leaders, teachers and most of all the students attending the conference

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