Pondering Thought of the Week : Peaceful Servant

This story was written after spending a weekend at “The Shack”


The Peaceful Servant

Ever been to a place where time forgot
It is so peaceful yet beautifully modern

Master works of art everywhere
Including the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus

Lots of crosses, books and pictures
One of kinds is there too

There are other rare items
Quality made with values long since gone

Some are so rare, only a few are left on earth
When you view them, you know they are good

The serene view is breath taking
The water is calm, not a ripple about

Everywhere is God’s handy work
The workers are just here to assist

God is in-charge over every detail
You can sense his mere presence

When you are a servant of God
You desire nothing else but his love

The calm you feel is almost surreal
The stresses of the day just slip away

You just sit about for a spell
Talking with friends and family

You reconnect with them, the batteries are recharged
At the same time, the Holy Spirit is hovering too

His presence assists us on earth
Providing peace and guidance

When you connect with God and do his work
Your soul becomes so peaceful

Other desires, hopes and dreams
Slip away never to return

Thank you God for spots like this
Where we can connect with you, family and friends

One day we’ll stand in heaven in your presence

Enjoying your eternal peace and wonders!

Story behind the Story

I wrote this story while spending a weekend getaway with my wife, family and friends. The Shack is anything but a ‘shack’, it’s a beautiful place in Jugville MI USA. if you ever have a chance to visit, I strongly encourage it!

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