Pondering Thought of the Week : EveryDay Porneia

This story was written after reading a book by Mark Driscoll and his wife. 


Everyday Porneia

Modesty has taken a back seat
Showing more and more

What is displayed for everyone to see
Is expected to be shared by some

In the world today, Porneia is available almost everywhere
It’s in books, on billboards, commercials and online

The appearance is subtle, not revealing everything at once
Little here, little there showing something forbidden

Porneia generates an interest for its observers
The observers are really victims; they just don’t know it yet

Sensations are increased temporarily
The long term affects are devastating

Porneia is relentless, we are wired to react
When we see something that looks nice, we react

Men are wired visually by design
It only takes a glance, a brief look to be engaged

A brief high seems so innocent
It makes the person feel good

The images seen stay much longer mentally
This can wire the brain differently than God intended

The definition of beauty starts to change and become confusing
We start comparing every possible situation to what we have

Everything starts to get bland
We get bored with normal and seek other avenues

Porneia is appealing, yet so addictive
Even a glance is too damaging to risk

*God intended us to be attracted to our spouses
*After marriage, these feeling should grow very intense

Physically, emotionally and spiritually
All senses are enhanced from the love we feel for our spouse

God intended our spouse is our definition of beauty, nothing else
The world today has twisted this particular fact so much

No one knows what the standard of beauty is supposed to be
Porneia intention is to lure someone into its grip

Get them addicted to something they can’t have
Change their heart and turn away from everything else

The images portrayed kill its victim in a different way
They become desensitized to most everything

The enemy twists God’s perfect design
Many, many are impacted by its effects

The words in Songs of Solomon are God’s design
The world has taken this design and altered beyond recognition

Extraordinary measures have to be taken
To overcome the effects that has taken years to accumulate

We need to display extreme repentance to our Lord and Savior
For only He has the Grace and Mercy to overcome anything

Porneia is God’s design twisted, plain and simple
To undo its effects needs God’s power

Nothing man made can overcome it, we are not strong enough
God, we need your power to help overcome the misuse of your perfect creation

Story behind the Story

This story was written after reading a book by Mark Driscoll and his wife called Real Marriage:The Trust About Sex, Friendship and Life Together

*-This statement was inspired and paraphrased by something written in the book!

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