Pondering Thought of the Week : What do I need in this world?

Something that has been on my heart recently

What Do you need in this world?

What do you need in this world
That is a good question

The polite Christian answer is Jesus alone (which is true…read on)
Many roll their eyes and go about their merry way

They state you are crazy
Not sure what you are really talking about

Here is something to think about
Do you ever struggle with something?

Do you have situations you don’t know how to handle?
Are there times in life when things are overwhelming?

Do you get depressed once in a while?
Do you have worries about this or that?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hand your problems, fears and worry to someone who can handle them
Say, here is my worry I don’t know how to handle this

Better yet, I don’t know what to do here
Knowing at the appropriate time the answer will come

Yes, it will take some patience
Think of it as a challenge

This person is big enough to handle anything you can hand him
This person is loves you so much he died for you

Still not convinced?
Ever wonder what’s next

What is beyond this crazy and mixed up world
Too scared to think about it

The two things everyone has in common
Being born and death, no exceptions

It is scary thinking some feel they can handle on their own
The next time something good or bad happens

The next time you are faced with something unknown
Try stating, Jesus, I’m not quite sure here

I don’t know even if I believe all this stuff
I’m willing to open my heart and “try it out”

Please help me in this situation
I don’t even have the words to describe it

I’ve heard you know even if I don’t know how to say it
Sit back and wait to see how things go

When, and yes when the prayer is answered
Give credit where credit is due

This might take a little bit
It might make you feel uncomfortable at first

The answer might not even be what you expected
It will be what you needed though

Then, the next time something comes up
Or a friend has something come up

Try it all over again, say “Jesus”
It’s me again, I have this thing I need some assistance on

Can you come along side of me and help out
I really appreciate being able to help in areas I can’t

It’s real easy to get to know him
He’s the one knocking at the door

Just state “Come on in Jesus”
Please take over in the drivers seat

I don’t like tackling this crazy world alone
Since I hear you conquered death

I figure you can conquer anything that is in my life
Before you know it, you’ll realize Jesus is all you need!


Story behind the Story

This has been on my heart for a while.  I have a few things that I’m not sure how to handle and glad I can hand them off to my Savior Jesus Christ.  The one you heard about that conquered death.   I see so much negative stuff in the news, non-believers, it makes my heart just ache.  I do see bright spots people turning their life over to Jesus.  The words in a recent prayer goes something like this  “LORD, please reveal yourself in ways they can understand you are there for them”

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