Pondering Thought of the Week : Towards Home

Here is a story that was laid on my heart. I was reading “The Road Home” by Denise Jackson, it was an inspiring book my wife got me for Christmas (2011).  The words “Towards home” came to mind and I had to write this little story.  Here husband wrote a song one night after 9/11 happened.  The words literally came to his heart.  Enjoy. Smile 

Towards Home

Story behind the story:
This poem is inspired by reading “The Road Home” by Denise Jackson.  A book my wife got me for Christmas.  Denise explained in the book her life was built around as her husband as the foundation of her life instead of Jesus.  God assisted in the process of helping Denise and Alan to focus their hearts where it needed to be, towards God’s home.  As I was reading the book, the title “Towards Home” was laid on my heart. 

Additionally, I have been thinking of how life will be after my sons grow up.  It almost brings me to tears just thinking of the moment where the house is empty and there will be time to reflect.  Gods very present is overwhelming and can take someone who is terse, impatient and lack of compassion and use it for his Glory. 

Other things that helped inspire was people we’ve known in the past split up.  After a brief conversation, they want to reconcile yet don’t know how.  My heart goes out to them and I have this deep desire to want to help and I know I can’t force my will on them. I want everyone to point their hearts Towards home, God’s home…


Sitting in a rocking chair
Reading a story of brokenness and loss

On the surface, everything was perfect
Money, Fame, a nice home and marriage

The world was full of envy
The world was full of praise

Underneath it all was lots of brokenness
Under the covers was insecurity, shame and resentment

There was unfaithfulness, broken promises
The eye wasn’t on the prize

It was on other earthly things
One day the mirror shattered

All the “so-called” perfection was exposed
Nothing was perfect and they were left standing feeling empty

In one brief moment God had rebuked everything
You were standing there with nothing of value

There was nothing in the so called perfect life
God wanted or needed from you

God was showing his perfect love
The first step towards coming home

His perfect love wants our hearts first
Everything else will come along after that

Things don’t happen overnight
Things don’t cure themselves quickly

God uses process, patience and His perfect love
To help us overcome our own shortcomings

We try to take control when we don’t know his actions
We really try only to come to a dead end

We need to fully commit to handing over the wheel
God wants to be in control of our lives

When this happens, He shows his perfect love
Words can’t describe the feeling, all we know it’s very comforting

God breaks us down at first
To later build us up for His glory

The more we seek him
The more our lives are filled with His love

A love that can only come from him
All we need is Jesus

His Son showed us the way, we just need to follow
The world won’t back away easily

Everyday will bring trials
There will be many ups and downs

Only when we don’t stray from him
Focus our efforts towards home, God’s heavenly home

Can we fully realize God’s love
One day, he will call us Home, his Home!


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