Pondering Thought of the Week : Tebow – dedicated to Tim Tebow

It’s real fun to watch how frustrated the media is and how most people are taken back to Tim Tebow.   Thought I would pass along a story describing Tebow in yet another way, a Poem comparing his story to Exodus 7-12.  The miracles are one thing, the main point is how Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, much like the media and analysts today.  One day God will close the door, who knows when that is, for now I’m on Tebow’s side.


Exodus 7-12

Story Behind the Story
Tim Tebow during his second year playing for the Denver Broncos, an NFL team playing American football, were 1-4 (1 win 4 losses). Tim was made a starter and as of this writing won 7 games in a row. The passage of scripture that comes to mind was how Pharaoh’s heart was hardened when the Israelites tried to leave Egypt.  The more miracles God performed through Moses, the harder Pharaoh’s heart became.  This illustration is similar to the worlds reaction to Tebow over the last couple weeks.  At first, Tebow didn’t have the right throwing motion, all he could do was run.   He was part of a few come from behind wins, this baffled the “so called experts”.  As he continued to win, the critics started saying “they don’t know where it comes from”.  I’m screaming at the TV, it’s Jesus silly!  He has an upcoming game against one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and one of the best all time, Tom Brady.  I don’t know how the story goes, but I’m passing this along to document what is on my heart.

There was once a person named Tebow
This was his last name

Then one day reading an article
Tebow became a verb to describe something

The NCAA prohibits players from showing scripture on eye patches
It is commonly referred to as the “Tebow Rule”

So there you have it, Tebow is a verb
It describes things

Described in Gods word
Was an event where his chosen people were in bondage

They cried out for his help
God answered with a messenger, his name was Moses

When Moses approached the Pharaoh
To ask for him to release his people

Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go
God knew this already and had a few tricks up his sleeve

They are called the 10 Plagues
One miracle after another

Pharaoh at first could explain some of the miracles and his magicians could do them also
As time went on, he couldn’t explain them all

Much like Tebow has done, performed a few miracles
With the help of others, this time it’s the Defense, Special Teams and coaches

The reaction of the media, analysts and critics
At first, they say Tebow couldn’t do this or that

Moses cried to God he couldn’t talk to Pharaoh
So after a while, God answered with having Aaron speak on behalf of Moses

Even though God said all Moses had to do was show up
God would give him the right words to say

During this whole situation with Tebow
He has remained humble and let his play speak for itself

Tebow has given credit to everyone else for his accomplishments
Which the good book says all good things come from God

Tebow knows this and says accordingly
His actions baffles the media and almost everyone else around

In the end, after 10 miracles, Pharaoh gave in and let Moses and his people go
Tebow’s story isn’t as dramatic as Moses or life changing

Tebow’s is just a football game
In a few years, only a few will remember the magic

Unlike Moses and his story,
We don’t know the end to Tebow’s story

We will have to wait and see
God has shown his presence every step of the way

I’m sure the ending will have more people believing
Some will remain skeptical

I for one see the comparison
God has his hand in both stories and his “will” will be done!

God Bless

Pondering Thought of the Week : A hovering bird poem

Title:The hovering bird

A flying bird hovering is so beautiful
It hovers over the water, floating in the air

Looking for prey, searching, watching ever so closely
If the prey is not in one spot, it could be in another

The bird moves slightly to the right, and waits
Nothing is discovered in this spot

The bird moves to the left slightly
Floating like he has in other spots, just waiting

No matter where he hovers, he is just floating, ever so patiently, just waiting
All of a sudden, the hovering bird dives straight down into the water

The path he takes is so straight
One could almost draw a straightline from his path

When the bird amerges, it has the prey in its mouth
The prey is as good as done

The bird that was once hovering so silently
Became the predator, seeking it’s prey in an elegant way

Sin has this appeal
It hovers, it’s patient

If it doesn’t get you one way, it tries another way
It gracefully moves a bit, hovering above searching for another way to strike

It’s waiting to strike it’s victim
Making it as good as done

The beautiful thing, our savior Christ Jesus, who started hovering above in heaven
Came down from Heaven to save a wretch like me

Jesus fasted 40 days and nights, then was tempted
The sin tried to strike him down, sin tried from various angles 3 times

Jesus was stronger than sin
He resisted although he was tempted

He was above sin, his mission was to conquer sin for all time, for all believers
He started his ministry at the top of a hill

He hovered on earth, patiently for 30 years
All of sudden, came down to the valley to preach the good news to everyone

His words were striking for the time he walked on earth
They are striking until the present day

Unlike the bird of prey or sin, his strike is not death, but everlasting life
His words offer comfort, saving us from sin trying to do us in

Thank you Jesus for coming down from the top of the hill
To offer hope, saving us like no one else can.

Story Behind The story
This was inspired by waking up the first night by the Sea of Galilee watching a hovering bird hunt for fish next to the sea (lake).  I read Matthew 5 and was inspired to get up and take pictures of the city at the top of the hill.  After I was done taking pictures, I came back to the room to get ready and the analogy came to mind.

Pondering Thought of the Week : Light poem

I was inspired a few days ago to write a new poem for a devotional book I’m writing.  The title of the poem was called Light.  After hearing about the tragedies in Connecticut and China, my heart goes out to the families and individuals dealing with the tragedy in Connecticut and China.  We are all God’s creation.  If you are reading this, here is the prayer God laid on my heart, I hope it helps provide comfort.


John 8:12


In the beginning, there was nothing
A void, absence of anything

3 Then God said, (NASB) “Let there be light”;
and there was light.

4 God saw that the light was good;
and God separated the light from the darkness.

5 God called the light day, and the darkness
He called night. And there was evening
and there was morning, one day.

Light highlights all of creation
Gods great handy work

Darkness is the opposite
Darkness is a void, nothing

You can’t explain it
People just know the difference

One moment you see clearly
The next moment, you can’t see

In a blink, Light returns
Darkness is no longer present

Darkness can remain in the shadows
Only because Light allows it

People have free will
They can chose their own path

One leads to Light
The other leads to darkness

In a broken world, things happen
They can’t be explained

Each of us are God’s owns Lights of the world
Created to shine in his image

Some of the Lights shine for a while
Some not very long

When someone’s Light goes before their time
It leaves a void, a darkness in our heart

We yearn for them, much like the light
God, we pray for those who Light goes before they should

We pray for those left behind
Trying to find their Light again, amongst the darkness

Jesus, thank you for being the Light of the world
On this side of heaven, there is plenty of darkness

One day, we’ll just see the Light
Our Father’s Light shining for all eternity

Until then, we hold out hope
The Light of the world will return one day!


God bless,