Pondering Thought of the Week : Light poem

I was inspired a few days ago to write a new poem for a devotional book I’m writing.  The title of the poem was called Light.  After hearing about the tragedies in Connecticut and China, my heart goes out to the families and individuals dealing with the tragedy in Connecticut and China.  We are all God’s creation.  If you are reading this, here is the prayer God laid on my heart, I hope it helps provide comfort.


John 8:12


In the beginning, there was nothing
A void, absence of anything

3 Then God said, (NASB) “Let there be light”;
and there was light.

4 God saw that the light was good;
and God separated the light from the darkness.

5 God called the light day, and the darkness
He called night. And there was evening
and there was morning, one day.

Light highlights all of creation
Gods great handy work

Darkness is the opposite
Darkness is a void, nothing

You can’t explain it
People just know the difference

One moment you see clearly
The next moment, you can’t see

In a blink, Light returns
Darkness is no longer present

Darkness can remain in the shadows
Only because Light allows it

People have free will
They can chose their own path

One leads to Light
The other leads to darkness

In a broken world, things happen
They can’t be explained

Each of us are God’s owns Lights of the world
Created to shine in his image

Some of the Lights shine for a while
Some not very long

When someone’s Light goes before their time
It leaves a void, a darkness in our heart

We yearn for them, much like the light
God, we pray for those who Light goes before they should

We pray for those left behind
Trying to find their Light again, amongst the darkness

Jesus, thank you for being the Light of the world
On this side of heaven, there is plenty of darkness

One day, we’ll just see the Light
Our Father’s Light shining for all eternity

Until then, we hold out hope
The Light of the world will return one day!


God bless,


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