Pondering Thought of the Week : A hovering bird poem

Title:The hovering bird

A flying bird hovering is so beautiful
It hovers over the water, floating in the air

Looking for prey, searching, watching ever so closely
If the prey is not in one spot, it could be in another

The bird moves slightly to the right, and waits
Nothing is discovered in this spot

The bird moves to the left slightly
Floating like he has in other spots, just waiting

No matter where he hovers, he is just floating, ever so patiently, just waiting
All of a sudden, the hovering bird dives straight down into the water

The path he takes is so straight
One could almost draw a straightline from his path

When the bird amerges, it has the prey in its mouth
The prey is as good as done

The bird that was once hovering so silently
Became the predator, seeking it’s prey in an elegant way

Sin has this appeal
It hovers, it’s patient

If it doesn’t get you one way, it tries another way
It gracefully moves a bit, hovering above searching for another way to strike

It’s waiting to strike it’s victim
Making it as good as done

The beautiful thing, our savior Christ Jesus, who started hovering above in heaven
Came down from Heaven to save a wretch like me

Jesus fasted 40 days and nights, then was tempted
The sin tried to strike him down, sin tried from various angles 3 times

Jesus was stronger than sin
He resisted although he was tempted

He was above sin, his mission was to conquer sin for all time, for all believers
He started his ministry at the top of a hill

He hovered on earth, patiently for 30 years
All of sudden, came down to the valley to preach the good news to everyone

His words were striking for the time he walked on earth
They are striking until the present day

Unlike the bird of prey or sin, his strike is not death, but everlasting life
His words offer comfort, saving us from sin trying to do us in

Thank you Jesus for coming down from the top of the hill
To offer hope, saving us like no one else can.

Story Behind The story
This was inspired by waking up the first night by the Sea of Galilee watching a hovering bird hunt for fish next to the sea (lake).  I read Matthew 5 and was inspired to get up and take pictures of the city at the top of the hill.  After I was done taking pictures, I came back to the room to get ready and the analogy came to mind.

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