Authoring tidbits / tricks and misc thoughts

I’ve been in the middle of publishing my fourth book, 33 : About the Letter C. The ebook version is availableon Amazon. As I’ve went through this process, I want to capture thoughts, tips / tricksI’ve learned through the writing /publishing process. This is a starter blog / table of contents sorta to document what I want to share. As with other books, it was entirely Holy Spirit inspired.

Each book has taken give or take 15 – 18 months from initial idea to print to complete. As I do more, it becomes more refined. Here is a list in no particular order, a blog seriesmeant to share what I’ve learned, hope to help others and if Lord willing, I have to publish another book, it’ll be reference for the steps I did.

  • Why do I write?
  • The editing process
  • The publishing process (formatting what?)
  • What items in Word do you adjust?
  • Ebook or Print?
  • Tips / Tricks and Tools to format your ebook
  • Tips / Tricks and Tools to format your print book
  • Marketing or lack of ?

Have you thought about writing a book? What is stopping you?!.



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