Why do I write?

It’s a simple question, why do I write? It helps me process thoughts and share vs. keeping things internal and I feel called, I can’t explain it. I started writing technical blog articles on other internet domains I owned since1999. If you don’t believe me, go to Google, type Steve Schofield and IIS, there should be a few results. I’m not here to puff my ego, it’s something that is in me to share experiences, words and my currentwriting genre, Christian devotional poems. I also share my technical experiences as well, I just enjoy sharing info.

The fancy way to explain my writing, it’s transference. The ability to transfer experience, knowledge and application into words.

This postis meant to share an insight, why do I write. Any writer needs to be passionate about their chosen topic or genre. There is no glory, there is no money for the amount of hours put into the work besides satisfaction, there are a few exceptions. If you are getting into writing to make money, at least in my experience, it would be hard to stay motivated. If you are truly passionate about your craft, when you have been writing, rewriting, not sure what the next topic will be, you’ll make it through the challenge. I’ve written 1000’s of blogs, responded to 1000’s of discussion forum posts, one technical book and as of this article, self-published four books.

Each experience was unique, each one of them were special at the time. I was challenged during the final phases after writing completed. The editing, how to pay for the publishing, graphic development, I didn’t know how it would come about or paid for. The other frustration, how do you measure success when self-publishing a book, there usually isn’t a marketing person available, you are meant to do it yourself.

Back to my original point, it’s about passion, it’s about wanting to share something important in your life. There are millions of books, even more information on the internet. As of this blog post, I still ask “why do I publish Christian devotionals?” I don’t know who is affected, I don’t know who it influences. I have faith one day it’ll be explained, until then I keep writing and keep sharing.

As you ponder writing a book a blog post or sharing a long comment on social media. If you feel better sharing your information, I’m sure if it’s from the heart with good intentions, it’ll make a positive effect, stay writing!

Happy Writing


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