Poem : Yearns

Poem : Yearns

Scripture : Isaiah 62


My heart yearns to return to Jerusalem
I visited once, a piece of me was left at the Garden of Gethsemane

It felt like home
I can’t explain it

I sailed where prophets and disciples sailed
I walked where prophets and disciples walked

My spirit was full
My spirit yearns for eternity with Jesus

He was so caring, so compassionate
He spoke with grace and truth

He showed compassion can conquer fear
He showed love overcomes everything

For those who witnessed his Crucifixion
It must have been some sight

Many probably didn’t realize the significance
Some did I’m sure

Like many things, I can’t satisfy
My yearning to return can’t be explained

It won’t go away, memories are strong
It seems like yesterday, I was there

For those who haven’t been, should
For those who have, should return once more

Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice
One day we will meet face to face

I will kneel and thank you
For what you did for me that day on the Cross

My mission is clear
For all my loved ones to seek heaven

Meet each other in heaven
That day is closer than we think


Story Behind the Poem

I was watching Ben Hur, a movie placed in Jerusalem.† As I watched the movie, I was taken back to my time to Jerusalem.† I had an overwhelming yearn to return.† It was the strongest feeling to revisit Israel.† I didn’t think about ever returning unless my wife wanted to go.† It reminded me of a yearning and excitement I want kids I teach in Childrenís ministry to feel.† We instruct them to act like they are climbing a rope (hand over hand), repeating I’m “holding onto the Holy Spirit”.† Then take both hands and tap the middle of their chest, the Holy Spirt gets excited when reading Gods word.†† This is the excitement my heart gets when thinking about Israel lately.† It yearns for Jerusalem!† I want the kids to feel the excitement and connection with the Holy Spirit.

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