Poem – Storm

Poem – Storm

Scripture : Matthew 14:22-36


They come in many shapes and sizes
No two are alike

People with lots of education try to predict them
They are right only so often

Lots of technology tries to help be more accurate
Even then, it’s only slightly better

With all the experience, predictions and technology
Nothing can slow them down or stop altogether

In bad storms, we are advised to take shelter
These shelters help shield the worst

Anything in its path is consumed
Many times, total destruction is the result

In life, storms are much like the weather
We can prepare, we can educate ourselves

Sooner or later we all face them
Something that seems too big to comprehend

We are not sure about making it
Concern, fear and uncertainty show up

These feelings consume our every thought
In the eye of the storm, a temporary calm happens

We’ve weathered the storm, a brief reprieve
A small still voice reminds us he is there

Through every challenge, every worry
He will not leave or forsake us

The next time a storm hits your life
Remember Jesus and what he did for us

Where two or more meet, he is there
He can bring calm like an eye of the storm

Thank you, Jesus, for being there always
Bringing yourself and heavens armies to protect us


Story Behind the poem

A friend from church was having surgery.  It was rather involved and the insurance wasn’t cooperating.  In pursuit to have the best place perform the procedure, the insurance wasn’t being helpful.  This can only add anxiety, worry to the situation.  Instead of focused 100% on the situation, a distraction presented itself in the middle of the storm.

I was reading a book and described an example how God can protect us from the enemy.  Imagine being surrounded by a circle of angels protecting and blessing us.  The enemy couldn’t proceed through the protection to try to inflict doubt, concern or worry.  I prayed that image for my friend. May God use these words to bless them.

Additionally, our pastor is doing a sermon on the power of words.   I was encouraged by the scripture examples our pastor used.  It brought me back as my kids were growing up. I didn’t know how I was going to make it at times, life was depressing.   Then my Dad and Mom had encouraging words. Watching your kids grow-up and realize you are their parents, your words can help encourage whatever storm they might be facing, big or small.   Jesus’s example in Matthew 14, where he walks on water and has the power to ‘calm’ the seas.  He can calm any storm in our lives.  Positive words can calm storms in your loved ones lives.

A glimpse of heaven

Poem : Glimpse

Scripture : Ezekiel 1:1-28


God shared glimpses of heaven a few times to man
Words can’t begin to describe the sight

It’s so amazing, we fall to our knees in worship
There are angels singing

Colors, sights and sounds
All senses magnified beyond description

One day we will be fully immersed
Surrounded by God’s glory

His Prophets were his messengers
They were His voice to His chosen people

They were faithful and fully devoted
Trying to serve the best they knew how

Listening for direction
Listening for guidance

God calls his children to serve
We all are given heavenly gifts

Some teach, some pray
Some lead, some follow

Others listen in various ways
There are glimpses of heaven on earth

There is nothing more special
Than listening to young children

Recite and learn Gods word
They are focused on nothing else

For a short time, all they are focused on
Is reciting verses from the bible

Learning Jesus Christ came from heaven
To die on a cross and save everyone

Having a small soft voice recite this gift
Is priceless and beyond measure

God gives us glimpses from heaven
This is just one example

The next time you are having a bad day
Remember that soft voice saying God’s word


Story behind the poem

I was working a normal mid-week children’s ministry.  They run the program in three 30 minute sessions.  One of the sessions had 7 and 8-year-old (1st and 2nd grade) recite, memorize verses.  Close your eyes, block everything and imagine a young person with a small soft voice reciting John 3:16.  Then explain what it really means, it gives me cold chills.  All I can describe is a “glimpse from heaven”.  God provides a few examples in scripture displaying the “Glory of the Lord”.   If you are having a bad day, close your eyes and picture a small soft voice reciting Gods word.