Poem – Generational Baggage

Poem – Generational Baggage

Scripture :Numbers 14


We carry our burdens throughout life
We experience so much as a kid, we forget many things

There is some baggage left over as we grow-up
It’s might not seem to impact us in an obvious way

It runs deeper, more subtle
It shapes our likes, dislikes, fears, habits

It shapes our behaviors, tendencies
We hang onto them, it defines us in many ways

Our personality in large part is shaped by our baggage
A life time can pass, we still let habits hang around

It becomes so ingrained in us
It becomes part of our DNA

People identify with their baggage
People almost celebrate their baggage

I’ve always been like this, because of x…y…or…z
One day something comes along, surprises us

It can be our ticket away from this life
It can help re-shape our very being

Loved ones look in amazement at the transformation
Deep down, there is a little kid that remembers “the way it was”

When we accept Christ, the Holy Spirit moves in
Trying to let go of our personality is hard

He brings all kinds of tools to help reshape you one atom at time
Little changes, behavior and habits to our soul

We resist, for some reason, we feel comfortable in our uncomfortable
We are happy with the known problems vs. something unknown

When we were young, we were not afraid to do something crazy
Ride a mini-bike, Climb a tree, Drive a tractor

God has great things planned, he is patient
He’ll continue to do as much with us as we let him

If we let him into our lives a little bit
He’ll use us at that level

The only one that can truly change our heart is God
Not a spouse, not a friend, no one else

God, I pray we let go of our generational baggage
Clean out anything that would slow us down, throw it out

We want to be light and nimble to do kingdom work
All you ask is a willing heart, may you give us a fresh start


Story Behind the Poem

We attended a training session talking about forgiveness and generational sin. It was an enlightening session to say the least. There was a fair amount of material to digest yet a few things stood out. One being generational baggage we let hold us back, hold us down and not allowing us to move forward. It becomes so normal, we treat it like oxygen. We take it for granted.

As the one line states, “we are comfortable with our uncomfortable”. We aren’t willing to change because we don’t know any different. The enemy reminds us of our baggage, he reminds us constantly it defines who we are, what we believe in and if we take that away, who will be? We become scared, we fall back to old habits, many are protection mechanisms. we learned in our youth. I also picked up we can focus on our walk, we also need to be aware of our “sphere of influence as well”. Then enemy doesn’t just attack us, he will use our closest loved ones to attack us. We need to be prepared in prayer, through Jesus Christ, to be aware, pray for forgiveness.

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