Notes : Book of Ezekiel

I’ve spent the last year or so studying Old Testament including minor prophets. Here is the article These books provided a lot of wisdom and perspective. I was amazed the insight revealed in ‘that ole’ scripture. God spoke to me and several poems I wrote sharing things the Holy Spirit revealed to me, Jonah especially. Many of these poems haven’t been publically shared, I’m not sure if there is another book in the works or not.

After I finished up the study of the 12 minor prophets, I had an interest in continuing to study, research and read other Old Testament prophets / books.The next three in line were

I can honestly tell you I don’t recall studying Lamentations, nothing struck me during that time. Some books do that, some don’t. Depends on what God reveals during that time in my life. Ezekiel was completely different. Wowza! I’m typing this up as a reminder so when / if the day I study again, I can recall my thoughts and impressions.

The book starts out God giving Ezekiel a glimpse of heaven, I wrote a poem based on this portion of scripture. It was incredible to say the least. After God showing Ezekiel this, the rest of the book up until Chapter 40 was hard. Ezekiel goes into great and graphic detail how destruction would happen, what would happen to people. There were many times I would ponder why it had to happen that way. It doesn’t shake my faith in God, although it was hard to comprehend. Unlike in modern times, the Israelites KNEW God and had his presence yet they chose to turn their backs and sin. God provides the bible, revealing his story through his son Jesus Christ. I tried a few times to make sense and just realized my comprehension isn’t vast enough to understand. Like many times, I refer back to Job 37-41 The summary (God is God and we are not). That directness is hard to take, but we are sinful creatures and he is perfect and Holy. God has showed up large in my life and I’m grateful.

In Chapter 37, there is a popular description of dry bones There is a song popular right now by Lauren Daigletalking about this scripture. It shows how God is all powerful and willing to bring our sinful, selfish hearts and clean us up for his use to do Kingdom work.

Other impressions were I was legitimately shocked when God used Ezekiel’s wife and took her away in death as an analogy. It was an example Jerusalem and the template was going to be taken away from the Israelites. Ezekiel’s wife was “apple of his eye”, he loved his wife very much and is described in various ways depending on the translation you use. None-the-less, he was a faithful servant and allowed God to continue using him for Kingdom work. Personally, I would have struggled as I love my wife very much. We all have to trust God his plans are greater than our plans. That might sound easy to say, it would be hard to accept. I’m sure given the same choice, a lot of prayer and discernment would have been involved.

The book finishes up with a vision of a new Temple, after some research, this particular temple hasn’t been built yet. Here is an article describing this is good detail. Other articles referred to this article as well.

In summary, this book was probably one of the hardest books for me to read / study so far in my walk with the Lord. The graphic detail described over and over was hard. I’m not afraid to admit it and ask God to reveal to me one day the purpose, I might not get a clarification, we’ll see. The term “Fear the Lord” is definitely a reminder in this chapter facing the wrath of God is not easy, nor quick. He is patient, wise and Holy. He shows his glory to those who love him, he shows kindness and Love. For those who ignore, don’t accept him. May he have mercy on them.

Resources I used to study were on EasyEnglish

The Sin of Judah and the Judgement of God (Ezekiel Chapters 1-24)

A Commentary on Ezekiel Chapters 1-24 by Ian Mackervoy.

God’s Plans for Israel and the Nations (Ezekiel Chapters 25-39)

A Commentary on Ezekiel Chapters 25-39 by Ian Mackervoy.

The Future Temple and Sacrifices (Ezekiel Chapters 40-48)

A Commentary on Ezekiel Chapters 40-48 by Ian Mackervoy.
This commentary deals with the Bible text as a description of an actual future temple.

Enjoy Steve

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