Poem : Hidden in plain site

Poem: Hidden in plain site

Scripture : Proverbs 25:2, Ephesians 6:19, Proverbs 1:23, Acts 15:1-3


The most obvious is usually ignored
A person can look right past it

Time passes by quickly
The object isn’t noticed, yet is in plain site

Something with the best intention might not be
Culture can adopt portions of something

We might ignore other aspects
These could be false, worshiped by many in other cultures

The enemy claims a foothold
It could unknowingly put us in bondage

More time passes, life moves on
The issue continues to fester

Everyday life becomes routine
Stuff comes up, we wonder what is happening

We search deeply for answers
We seek out answers from the world

We don’t understand what is happening
God is excluded from the conversation

He loves us, he is patient
He lets us stumble, yet is with us always

When we seek his guidance
He welcomes us with open arms

His word is clear, contains direction on any topic
When we seek his will

The Holy Spirit guides us
The better we know his world

The clearer we spot hidden items in plain site
We can protect ourselves

The closer we get to God
The more we need to be careful of hidden items

We need to cling to God
Depend on him, seek his guidance

God is hidden in plain site
The enemy tries to convince otherwise


Story Behind the Poem

I’m taking a series of classes regarding prayer ministry. This covers a variety of topics, this session covered Cults, False religions among other topics. I couldn’t relate to much of the material. As normally happens when new topics are being covered, the Holy Spirit will make something known.

Sometimes items that seem normal, (i.e Yoga) is used by many for exercise. More subtle meanings can mean things worshiping false things. I’m not 100% sure the topic totally relates to me, it’s more a precaution to be aware of, because sometimes my own ignorance can get me in trouble innocently.

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