Poem – Absolution

Poem : Absolution

Scripture : Matthew 3:3-13, Ephesians 2


Freedom from guilt is a gift from God
Accepting his free gift of eternal life thru Jesus is absolute

Nothing in heaven and earth can stand in Gods way
His way is right

He alone can take our soul and rise to the heavens
Alone, we are dead in our transgressions

God’s gift provides absolution
No more consequences

No more obligations of religion
No more blame and guilt

The chains are broken
We are set free in Christ

We become children of God that will live in His kingdom forever
We cannot fully realize while on earth

Our faith in his promise brings hope
His love for us cannot be described

When we accept Christ into our lives
The Holy Spirit moves into his temple, our body

He helps us through all things
We can publicly show God rules in our lives

Jesus was the perfect example
From baptism to death on the Cross

He rises higher than anyone through resurrection
He brings life to all who accept Him as their savior

Divine forgiveness comes from God
When we are baptized, we are made new

All praises be to God
Thank you Jesus for your example

God commanded all things are under your authority
There is nothing more powerful

All children of God will one day see the fullness and Glory of God
We are all unique, made in Gods image


Story Behind the Poem

This was inspired when a good friend was singing worship at my home church. They display the words on the screen and when I seen the word absolution, I knew this story was meant to be.

Additionally, the theme of the service “Christ in me” and 20+ people got baptized. The Holy Spirit was extra excited this day because many of kids who got baptized I’ve had the privilege to teach at Sunday school and mid-week program!

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