Poem : Found

Poem : Found

Scripture : Hebrews 10:16, Luke 15:1-7


We go through life searching
We wander about looking for answers

Information is everywhere
There is too much to digest

Many are still lost looking for answers by themselves
Even though it’s at their fingertips

The culture teaches your way is right
You can have your cake and eat it too

Life happens, challenges arise
We change our definition of right and wrong

We seek out different answers
We look for comfort from our struggles

The culture is not forgiving
They only worry about themselves

For those lost, they are not aware or have forgotten
God put His law on our hearts, his law is written on our minds

Some are called to serve Jesus
The few lead the many, this is not an easy task

Only those who have walked in their shoes truly understand
They seek His guidance daily to provide answers to the Lost souls

There seems to be many struggles with few wins
The enemy tries to remind them the wins are brief

When the lost are found, heaven rejoices
Working through these few people, the LOST find Jesus

Please encourage the people called to serve to lean on You
May you protect them, their families and ministries

May you have MANY come to know the light of Jesus through their works
May those who are FOUND know the peace having the Holy Spirit reside in them

Thank you for the people who accepted your call
They lead the Lost to be found in Jesus.


Story Behind the Poem

I was watching baptism testimonies and had this feeling of joy. I want to encourage our pastors, their families the ministry they accepted makes a difference. There will be struggles, there will be doubts as the enemy tries to distract. May they draw on this experience that will turn into wisdom. The next time fear, doubt or loneliness happen, they are encouraged and reminded of the differences their efforts make in so many lives.

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