Poem : Final Final

Poem : Final Final

Scripture : Matthew 25:31-46


Things started out perfect
God’s design on full display for his creation

For a while, we walked with God in the Garden side by side
He was in perfect communion with his children

Part of his perfect plan, he created Free Will
He said eat anywhere except from this one spot

We chose to listen to a lie
We were evicted from the Garden

God, even when we brought sin into the world
He still showed compassion to His creation

He STILL loved us so much, he set course how to redeem us
His plan took quite a while to mature

God provided the perfect sacrifice
His son Jesus Christ came to earth humble

He came in the middle of the night
He came in the form of a baby

His ministry was about three years
He walked and rode all over the country side

Performing many miracles for people to witness
Some are recorded in his word

God provided all things under his feet, full authority
There is nothing out of his reach or control

Regardless of the situation, he has full control
When looking for a Final answer, seek the full authority of Christ

Through Christ, he provides the Final, Final answer
When you are unsure, ask him, he’ll provide you what is needed

One day, he’ll be the ultimate judge
Sheep will go up, Goats will go the other way

He loves all his creation more than we know
Before it’s too late, accept his free gift of eternal life

When the FINAL day arrives, His judgement will be final
When you think of Christ, he is the FINAL, FINAL


Story Behind the Poem

I was attending some training at my local church and the phrase “put all things at Jesus feet”. I heard for a few weeks and caused me to get frustrated. After writing a story called “At the feet of Jesus”, every time I hear those words, the phrase “FINAL, FINAL” pops in my head. Jesus is final authority and is in full authority of the current world. For those who have accepted his free gift of eternal life, on the final day, we’ll see FINAL, FINAL in action.

Story : Blood Covering of Protection

For Christians, have you ever stoppedto realize when Jesus died on the Cross he shed his blood for us? It is stated in Matthew 26:26-28about communion and the new covenant. I attended a conference recently and this phrase “Blood Covering Protection”, “Blood Cover Protection” or “Blood Covering of Protection”.

Regardless how you say it, it’s amazing. I wanted pass along the original picture of a saying God laid on my heart. Anytime the Lord places these sayings. I want to pass along for others. May you ask for God’s protection.

The saying reads the following.

“The Lord LOVES his children more than we know. His vision was perfect from the start. His perfect love gave us free will. By his Love He put Free Will and His Sovereignty on the same level. We chose to listen to the lie. We were evicted from the garden.

At that moment, God put on the path redemption through his son Jesus. It took along time to mature, it was done at the right time, not too soon, not too late. When Jesus came, he was humble in nature instead on a grand horse with trumpets announcing his entrance. He died a criminals death for his creation. His blood brought redemption no one can understand.

Lord, thank you for shedding your blood and providing blood protectionfor your children. May you provide blood protection over this house. Your light will shine.”

Here is the original image of the writing + sketch. I plan getting made into a framed poster with an enhanced picture.

God bless,


Additional resource for study of Titus


I’ve recently started studying the book of Titus. It’s the first book of the New Testament I’ve studied in a while. I’m also using Easy English, I’ll pass my thoughts along when I’m done.


48 hours with VMWare Photon, Powershell-core, PowerCLI-core

Early in my career, I had the privilege to work with .NET framework betas (2000) (has it really been 17 years?!)  I also have a distinct claim of running one of the first sites on the internet to run ASP.NET (PDC 2000).  As well as participating in the ASP.NET beta, I became familiar with .NET framework.  I had the pleasure to work through several Microsoft betas including .NET, ASP.NET and win2003, 2008, 2012 betas.   My career included a brief stint as an Exchange admin, this was the first major product using PowerShell as a user interface as well as automation leveraging PowerShell.

Before Powershell, VBScript or JavaScript were the scripting languages I used.  I started a job in 2008, PowerShell was the main scripting language we used for automation. It took a few months to get accustomed to PS.   Enough reminiscing….

Fast forward to 2015, I took a position being a VMware admin, it was a career change.  After several years of Microsoft betas, 14 years as a MS MVP (ASP.NET / IIS).  The only thing that resembled my previous job was PowerShell / PowerCLI  I was thankful for something that transferred from my previous role, this helped contribute when starting a new position.

In 2017, it’s been approximately three years since become a vmware admin,  VMware released Photon as a minimum Linux distro, mainly as a Docker host.  VMware is also using Photon as an OS for appliances such as vSphere (vCenter).  It boots fast!

I stumbled across a post with some instructions potentially running PowerShell-Core and PowerCLI-core on Photon.  The weather was miserable in MI, so what the heck, time to get my geek on.  I tried PowerCLI-core via a Docker Container as well as installing PowerShell-Core, PowerCLI-core on a Photon host.  I’ve included links below, I used for reference.

I’ve concluded the enhancements are awesome, it’s great for geeking around, For now, I’ll continue using a Windows OS with PowerShell for a PowerShell host and vRealize Automation.  It was awesome to learn, for specific VMware PowerCLI usage,   I can use a Photon Host and either an installation of PowerShell-core, PowerCLI-core or a Docker container.

To get the docker container,  check out the Docs site for PowerCLI core

  • SSH to the Photon instance
  • Run systemctl start docker
  • Run systemctl enable docker
  • docker pull vmware/powerclicore
  • docker run –rm -it vmware/powerclicore

Links to get started with.

I’m impressed to see how far Microsoft has come with opening their systems.  In the early days Scott Guthrie paved the way for a more open Microsoft.  That has accelerated 100 fold and with Jeffrey Snover as Godfather of PowerShell.  Alan Renouf from VMware has championed PowerCLI.

I appreciate all efforts and enjoy the merging of technologies.  End of the day, I can see open source continuing to push forward.  I’ll circle back in a few months and see how things are going with these technologies.

My one takeaway will be to deploy the Docker Container and use on-demand via a vRealize Automation Catalog item.

Here are screenshots

This shows Photon and Powershell installed


This shows PowerShell modules loaded,

The load the VMware modules.


48 hours concluded!  Time well spent, hope this inspires you to at least try it!

PS – you may wonder why I want MS technologies on a Linux OS, because it’s cool!

Steve Schofield
vExpert 2017


Poem : At the feet of Jesus

Poem : At the feet of Jesus

Scripture : 2 Timothy 1, Ephesians 6:10-18, Ephesians 2:4-6


When something bothers you
Place it at the feet of Jesus

His shoulders are big enough to handle anything
When on the Cross, he bore all sin for all men, for all time

Think about that for a moment
All sin that would happen present and future

He bore for mankind in exchange for a relationship
The opportunity to return to the Father

It has been said the first person you’ll see in Heaven is Jesus
I have no proof, one would hope

The one who provided hope would confirm it
The moment you walk into eternity

For those who are still on their earthly journey
There are ‘things’ that don’t like the phrase

“Put at the feet of Jesus”
I say this three times

At the Feet of Jesus
At the Feet of Jesus

At the Feet of Jesus
Each time this statement is said

The anger grows inside, feeling more uncomfortable
There is no explanation to why

I LOVE Jesus with all my heart
His sacrifice was the ultimate show of Love for me

Whatever is broken inside my spirit
Does not like the fact light will expose darkness

Every time, there is victory
Light WILL expose darkness

God’s word say we should have hope
God’s word say we should not fear

For he will protect his Children
No matter what, lean on him

God, whatever is bothering me
I ask with your authority to expel it

Where ever it’s supposed to go
I like the option, “At the feet of Jesus”

Darkness would like to put Jesus in a box
He would like you to think Jesus isn’t Lord

He is, God’s word says so
Thank you Lord for your protection

I pray for protection over myself, my family
My friends, my gifts from you

In Jesus name
I bow at your feet


Story Behind the Poem

I’m learning to be part of a new ministry involving prayer. There are many aspects although one of them if there is something bothering you, the statement in example prayers was “Put at the feet of Jesus”. Every time I would hear that statement, something inside me would be uncomfortable, almost to the point of wanting to argue.

I went several sessions hearing this statement only to realize one morning before work something didn’t want me to hear these words. I can’t explain it, I can’t describe but in my nature, instead of not saying. I said the statement over and over and over. It’s in my nature to “poke the bear”, it’s in my nature to “pester” and say uncomfortable things.

My second book sub-title called “40 Days Doing Something Uncomfortable on Purpose” is probably the single most powerful statement the Lord has laid on my heart. I LOVE that statement, every time I hear a sermon, every time I hear someone speak of change. The word uncomfortable and having to embrace change are used in the same statement.

I’ll continue to say this statement over and over until whatever is uncomfortable leaves. I’ve accepted Jesus, he is my savior, the Holy Spirit helps me write and process a lot of things. I LOVE the Holy Spirit, I LOVE the Holy Spirit! I can’t say that enough. My chest grows a little when saying that. Don’t have a spirit of fear, that is said in God’s word, put on your armor of God, that is in his word. Jesus will be with us, he won’t forsake us, his word says that. Look at the example scripture in this poem. Thank you God for helping me realize this was something not in love with you that was uncomfortable when hearing the words. I take all I have and “Lay at your feet!, no matter where you are at” <big grin>

Poem : The Bag

Poem : The Bag

Scripture : Psalm 39:12


Imagine for a moment
People walking around with an extra bag with them

Almost everyone has a bag of their own
Very few without

The bag is plain, about the size of a suitcase
There are no wheels

This person shuffles the bag from one hand to another
Rules state they cannot carry the bag over the shoulder

Moment after moment
Day after day

They carry this bag, when they go someplace
They set it outside, they pick up when they leave

This could be work, home, church
The store, many places, they even have a bag holder for people

It’s so common, businesses accommodate for peoples bags
They say it’s normal to have your own bag

When a person comes home, goes to bed
They put the bag down outside their room

There is very little relief from carrying their bag
What is in the bag you ask?

No two bags are alike, no two bags weigh the same
It’s different for every person who carries this type of bag

The older we get, the heavier the bag CAN become
Bad memories, Guilt, Shame, Depression are among popular items carried around

The enemy walks beside us reminding us daily
HEY…what’s in your bag? Can you tell me about it?

We are hesitant to say for we will feel shame
The enemy laughs and goes about his business keeping us company

We can suffer mental and physical problems from carrying our bag
God reminds us to stay in his word often

He reminds us forgiveness, his Yoke his light
He uses many parables, examples to show his Love

He has an entire system to help relieve us from carrying our bags
All we must do is turn around, hand it over to him

This is harder than it sounds, we get comfortable in our discomfort
We like routine, we like what we can see

Try for a few days, say “God, here is my bag”
Please keep an eye on it for me

Before long, people will look at you differently
They’ll ask, where is your bag?

You state, “Good thing you asked”
‘I gave mine to God, he is keeping an eye on it for me”

it’s been awhile since I carried my bag
It’s different to see people without bags

My body, mind and soul feel so much different
You should give it a try yourself, give your bag to God.


Story Behind the Poem

This story was originally going to be called Suffering Silently. It was a way to describe people and what they carry around trying to keep an positive vibe about themselves. Every go on vacation? Have you tried to carry an extra bag of items YOU HAVE to take? It can be books, comfort food, something that doesn’t fit in your regular suite cases. It can be a pain, you pick your purse, backpack or small carry on, you take the other bag or two. Your hands are full, then there is this “extra bag” of stuff you think you need.

This example represents things we carry around with us in our spiritual lives. The enemy is all too willing to remind us, keep us down. Regardless of your station in life, remember God shows us many examples of his love, before we can accept his Love fully, we have to ACCEPT IT. It’s like a habit, we have to force ourselves to do it enough until the behavior becomes a habit, like brushing our teeth. Ever left the house and forgot to brush your teeth? Don’t you feel odd when you realize your teeth are brushed? You blow in your hand to see if you have bad breath?

Treat God’s Love and his ability to take stuff from our lives, stop several times a day, yell, scream, type, text someone, post on social media. GOD this is your stuff, here is my bag. Before long, it’ll be like your habit of brushing your teeth. Itll feel odd when you start to carry around things, youll go oh yeah, God here is more stuff for my bag.

Poem : Be Still

Poem : Be Still

Scripture : Psalm 46:10


God is the creator of all
In times of troubles, lean on him

In times of good or uncertainty, be still
His Spirit will guide your spirit in all things

Regardless if the decision is small
Regardless if the situation seems overwhelming

Be still, lean on him
You will hear screams


It’s hard to be still when chaos is happening
It’s hard to clearly hear God’s small still voice when screams happen

During these times, get away, pray
Write down all thoughts and turn over to God

In the most important times
Being still and leaning on God will provide wisdom

Be careful who you listen to
Be careful who’s advice you seek

ALWAYS use the word of God as your guide
Test those who are screaming, ask a simple question

Do you confess Jesus as your Lord?
God will protect his children

In all things, seek God’s heart
For He is Love, is Holy and perfect

Thank you, Christ Jesus, for coming to earth
Saving all even though they didn’t know better

When the day of your second coming happens
For all those who call you Lord

Can scream your name as their Lord and savior
In the meantime, be still, be calm and seek guidance from above


Story Behind the Poem

After a Sunday message on Palm Sunday, I was doing yard work and had a concerning spirit. There were things on my heart that didn’t feel right. I heard the words “BE STILL” in a song, it triggered I had to stop doing yard work, type this up and share with my friend who this was intended for. It’s hard in a busy world, with all the distractions to be still, be calm.


Poem : Jesus Sized Love

Poem – Jesus Sized love

Scripture – John 13:117


Jesus was the greatest
He became the least

Everyone who believes in him
Knows this fact about him

It’s almost common place to say
Oh yeah, he did that…..wonderful

Stop for a moment and analyze your response
Do you REALLY believe that?

When something in life challenges your being
What is your reaction?

Is it to look down on a situation?
Is it to look down on a person?

It’s so easy to overlook the obvious
It’s so easy to have a hardened heart or be distracted

We do it without knowing sometimes
Imagine, if your reaction attempted “Jesus sized love” instead

Wash a person’s feet, apply creme to dry cracks
Admit you love them so much, you pray daily

The enemy screams when we react in love
He flees because he can’t stand the sight

Help a person, pray for a situation
Don’t give the same effort as a golf clap

Look beyond your own pride
Look beyond your own shortcomings

Realize the enemy will use anything, anyone
To try to divide, conquer

He’ll use our deepest, darkest fears
He’ll use others deepest weaknesses against us

The more we lean on Jesus
The more desperate the enemy gets

Get rid of the millstone of pride
Give it to Jesus and try reacting with Jesus sized love

It’ll feel awkward at first
It won’t feel natural, you might even get resistance

Hang in there, the Holy Spirit will guide you
The results will be overwhelming

Just like Jesus sized love
He went the extra mile for all of us


Story Behind the Poem

The Lord made it clear through a friend as a reminder to remember to love someone, don’t look down at them. The story of Jesus coming down from Heaven, he was all knowing, all powerful. All he would have done is commanded the Angels, anytime, anyplace to save him. He could have returned to his Divinity with no problem. This was his temptation (Thanks to our student Pastor Ryan). He could have left mankind to fend for their own. How did Jesus react? Unconditional love, unconditional humbleness. He taught truth and grace, he wasn’t a push over for pushover’s sake. He was intentional in every action.

Secondly, the closest people in our lives carry burdens, we all carry something for a lifetime. It’s not the fact we like our faults, our weaknesses. It is the fact sometimes we forget to hand over these weaknesses and trust God will handle it. Anxiety, small comfort zone, reaction with harshness, whatever it is. We aren’t perfect and God knows that, he is all powerful and at times, we forget to lean on him during weak moments in life. We storm off to bed mad over silly situations, we try to prove a point instead of showing grace, love. Free will gets in the way at times, but we should remember it’s God’s love and gift to us. When we choose him, he will be there like a patient loved one we lean on during tough times.