Poem : Jesus Sized Love

Poem – Jesus Sized love

Scripture – John 13:1–17


Jesus was the greatest
He became the least

Everyone who believes in him
Knows this fact about him

It’s almost common place to say
Oh yeah, he did that…..wonderful

Stop for a moment and analyze your response
Do you REALLY believe that?

When something in life challenges your being
What is your reaction?

Is it to look down on a situation?
Is it to look down on a person?

It’s so easy to overlook the obvious
It’s so easy to have a hardened heart or be distracted

We do it without knowing sometimes
Imagine, if your reaction attempted “Jesus sized love” instead

Wash a person’s feet, apply creme to dry cracks
Admit you love them so much, you pray daily

The enemy screams when we react in love
He flees because he can’t stand the sight

Help a person, pray for a situation
Don’t give the same effort as a golf clap

Look beyond your own pride
Look beyond your own shortcomings

Realize the enemy will use anything, anyone
To try to divide, conquer

He’ll use our deepest, darkest fears
He’ll use others deepest weaknesses against us

The more we lean on Jesus
The more desperate the enemy gets

Get rid of the millstone of pride
Give it to Jesus and try reacting with Jesus sized love

It’ll feel awkward at first
It won’t feel natural, you might even get resistance

Hang in there, the Holy Spirit will guide you
The results will be overwhelming

Just like Jesus sized love
He went the extra mile for all of us


Story Behind the Poem

The Lord made it clear through a friend as a reminder to remember to love someone, don’t look down at them. The story of Jesus coming down from Heaven, he was all knowing, all powerful. All he would have done is commanded the Angels, anytime, anyplace to save him. He could have returned to his Divinity with no problem. This was his temptation (Thanks to our student Pastor Ryan). He could have left mankind to fend for their own. How did Jesus react? Unconditional love, unconditional humbleness. He taught truth and grace, he wasn’t a push over for pushover’s sake. He was intentional in every action.

Secondly, the closest people in our lives carry burdens, we all carry something for a lifetime. It’s not the fact we like our faults, our weaknesses. It is the fact sometimes we forget to hand over these weaknesses and trust God will handle it. Anxiety, small comfort zone, reaction with harshness, whatever it is. We aren’t perfect and God knows that, he is all powerful and at times, we forget to lean on him during weak moments in life. We storm off to bed mad over silly situations, we try to prove a point instead of showing grace, love. Free will gets in the way at times, but we should remember it’s God’s love and gift to us. When we choose him, he will be there like a patient loved one we lean on during tough times.

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