Poem : Be Still

Poem : Be Still

Scripture : Psalm 46:10


God is the creator of all
In times of troubles, lean on him

In times of good or uncertainty, be still
His Spirit will guide your spirit in all things

Regardless if the decision is small
Regardless if the situation seems overwhelming

Be still, lean on him
You will hear screams


It’s hard to be still when chaos is happening
It’s hard to clearly hear God’s small still voice when screams happen

During these times, get away, pray
Write down all thoughts and turn over to God

In the most important times
Being still and leaning on God will provide wisdom

Be careful who you listen to
Be careful who’s advice you seek

ALWAYS use the word of God as your guide
Test those who are screaming, ask a simple question

Do you confess Jesus as your Lord?
God will protect his children

In all things, seek God’s heart
For He is Love, is Holy and perfect

Thank you, Christ Jesus, for coming to earth
Saving all even though they didn’t know better

When the day of your second coming happens
For all those who call you Lord

Can scream your name as their Lord and savior
In the meantime, be still, be calm and seek guidance from above


Story Behind the Poem

After a Sunday message on Palm Sunday, I was doing yard work and had a concerning spirit.† There were things on my heart that didn’t feel right.† I heard the words “BE STILL” in a song, it triggered I had to stop doing yard work, type this up and share with my friend who this was intended for.†† It’s hard in a busy world, with all the distractions to be still, be calm.


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