Poem : At the feet of Jesus

Poem : At the feet of Jesus

Scripture : 2 Timothy 1, Ephesians 6:10-18, Ephesians 2:4-6


When something bothers you
Place it at the feet of Jesus

His shoulders are big enough to handle anything
When on the Cross, he bore all sin for all men, for all time

Think about that for a moment
All sin that would happen present and future

He bore for mankind in exchange for a relationship
The opportunity to return to the Father

It has been said the first person you’ll see in Heaven is Jesus
I have no proof, one would hope

The one who provided hope would confirm it
The moment you walk into eternity

For those who are still on their earthly journey
There are ‘things’ that don’t like the phrase

“Put at the feet of Jesus”
I say this three times

At the Feet of Jesus
At the Feet of Jesus

At the Feet of Jesus
Each time this statement is said

The anger grows inside, feeling more uncomfortable
There is no explanation to why

I LOVE Jesus with all my heart
His sacrifice was the ultimate show of Love for me

Whatever is broken inside my spirit
Does not like the fact light will expose darkness

Every time, there is victory
Light WILL expose darkness

God’s word say we should have hope
God’s word say we should not fear

For he will protect his Children
No matter what, lean on him

God, whatever is bothering me
I ask with your authority to expel it

Where ever it’s supposed to go
I like the option, “At the feet of Jesus”

Darkness would like to put Jesus in a box
He would like you to think Jesus isn’t Lord

He is, God’s word says so
Thank you Lord for your protection

I pray for protection over myself, my family
My friends, my gifts from you

In Jesus name
I bow at your feet


Story Behind the Poem

I’m learning to be part of a new ministry involving prayer. There are many aspects although one of them if there is something bothering you, the statement in example prayers was “Put at the feet of Jesus”. Every time I would hear that statement, something inside me would be uncomfortable, almost to the point of wanting to argue.

I went several sessions hearing this statement only to realize one morning before work something didn’t want me to hear these words. I can’t explain it, I can’t describe but in my nature, instead of not saying. I said the statement over and over and over. It’s in my nature to “poke the bear”, it’s in my nature to “pester” and say uncomfortable things.

My second book sub-title called “40 Days Doing Something Uncomfortable on Purpose” is probably the single most powerful statement the Lord has laid on my heart. I LOVE that statement, every time I hear a sermon, every time I hear someone speak of change. The word uncomfortable and having to embrace change are used in the same statement.

I’ll continue to say this statement over and over until whatever is uncomfortable leaves. I’ve accepted Jesus, he is my savior, the Holy Spirit helps me write and process a lot of things. I LOVE the Holy Spirit, I LOVE the Holy Spirit! I can’t say that enough. My chest grows a little when saying that. Don’t have a spirit of fear, that is said in God’s word, put on your armor of God, that is in his word. Jesus will be with us, he won’t forsake us, his word says that.  Look at the example scripture in this poem.  Thank you God for helping me realize this was something not in love with you that was uncomfortable when hearing the words. I take all I have and “Lay at your feet!, no matter where you are at” <big grin>

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