Story : Blood Covering of Protection

For Christians, have you ever stoppedto realize when Jesus died on the Cross he shed his blood for us? It is stated in Matthew 26:26-28about communion and the new covenant. I attended a conference recently and this phrase “Blood Covering Protection”, “Blood Cover Protection” or “Blood Covering of Protection”.

Regardless how you say it, it’s amazing. I wanted pass along the original picture of a saying God laid on my heart. Anytime the Lord places these sayings. I want to pass along for others. May you ask for God’s protection.

The saying reads the following.

“The Lord LOVES his children more than we know. His vision was perfect from the start. His perfect love gave us free will. By his Love He put Free Will and His Sovereignty on the same level. We chose to listen to the lie. We were evicted from the garden.

At that moment, God put on the path redemption through his son Jesus. It took along time to mature, it was done at the right time, not too soon, not too late. When Jesus came, he was humble in nature instead on a grand horse with trumpets announcing his entrance. He died a criminals death for his creation. His blood brought redemption no one can understand.

Lord, thank you for shedding your blood and providing blood protectionfor your children. May you provide blood protection over this house. Your light will shine.”

Here is the original image of the writing + sketch. I plan getting made into a framed poster with an enhanced picture.

God bless,


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