Poem : Final Final

Poem : Final Final

Scripture : Matthew 25:31-46


Things started out perfect
God’s design on full display for his creation

For a while, we walked with God in the Garden side by side
He was in perfect communion with his children

Part of his perfect plan, he created Free Will
He said eat anywhere except from this one spot

We chose to listen to a lie
We were evicted from the Garden

God, even when we brought sin into the world
He still showed compassion to His creation

He STILL loved us so much, he set course how to redeem us
His plan took quite a while to mature

God provided the perfect sacrifice
His son Jesus Christ came to earth humble

He came in the middle of the night
He came in the form of a baby

His ministry was about three years
He walked and rode all over the country side

Performing many miracles for people to witness
Some are recorded in his word

God provided all things under his feet, full authority
There is nothing out of his reach or control

Regardless of the situation, he has full control
When looking for a Final answer, seek the full authority of Christ

Through Christ, he provides the Final, Final answer
When you are unsure, ask him, he’ll provide you what is needed

One day, he’ll be the ultimate judge
Sheep will go up, Goats will go the other way

He loves all his creation more than we know
Before it’s too late, accept his free gift of eternal life

When the FINAL day arrives, His judgement will be final
When you think of Christ, he is the FINAL, FINAL


Story Behind the Poem

I was attending some training at my local church and the phrase “put all things at Jesus feet”. I heard for a few weeks and caused me to get frustrated. After writing a story called “At the feet of Jesus”, every time I hear those words, the phrase “FINAL, FINAL” pops in my head. Jesus is final authority and is in full authority of the current world. For those who have accepted his free gift of eternal life, on the final day, we’ll see FINAL, FINAL in action.

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