Poem : My Mom

Poem – My Mom


My mother is many things
She was my encourager, protector when I was young

She was always patient
She provided extra love when needed

She crushed pills when I couldn’t swallow them whole
She gently washed and rinsed my hair so I didn’t have to put my head under water

She typed up my papers, she didn’t make me do it
She went out of her way to spoil me

Didn’t matter what was happening
She was kind even in times when I deserved punishment

Always there, Always present in my life
She has been my counselor in all times

She was the best mother a kid could have
More patient than words can describe

I was one of those kids
Extra high maintenance I’m sure

Even as life has changed
She is still still being a mother

While learning to grow up
She was protecting us, giving unconditional love

Always someone you can rely on for advice and direction
Never tells you no and always honest with love

Her advice rang true
“It’ll happen when it’s meant to be”

Her words were spot on
The right house came along when it was meant to be

As we had kids of our own, she never interfered
She let us make mistakes and always showed love

Today, I’m glad to say Happy Birthday Mom
As tears stream down my cheeks, my love couldn’t be greater

The Holy Spirit helped write these words
God says there is nothing greater than Love

When he made you
He filled your heart with it

You have shared your love with us kids everyday
We love you, we thank God you are our mom!


Story Behind the Poem

My mother has always been a patient, kind person. I remember being one of those kids who was high maintenance, strong willed and wanting things my way. I remember her being extra patient and putting up with me even internally she wanted to do something else I’m sure.

As we’ve grown, she was always supportive and still is to this day. She makes you feel special, she handles each of her kids with love and care, although we are all different. In all my years of writing stories, this one I teared up the most. I thank God for the ability to express myself, when I was younger, it is something I struggled with. My mom was right there helping me write down words I had in my head, but couldn’t put together a sentence.

PS – I’m sure she’ll even edit this poem meant for her, she has always been my number 1 editor!

One thought on “Poem : My Mom”

  1. Through tears in my eye’s, what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady, Happy Birthday Marilynn.


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