Poem : Cindy

Poem : Cindy

Scripture Proverbs 31:10-31


God showed me once again your gifts
You are kind, patient in your own way

You think of others before yourself
You remember things others forget

You’re steady, consistent in things you do
When you set your mind to something

Get out of the way, there is no stopping you
You have simple view of things, straight and to the point

The Lord joined us together in his great plan
We are to do life together on earth

We are opposites
With God’s love, we don’t get in each otherís way

The enemy reminds me of many things
I can’t fix this, can’t build that

All the enemy reminds me is the things I can’t do
There is no love or compassion in anything they say

On the other hand, God reminds he loves me
He tells me all the time of the gifts I have

One of them is writing to you
It’s not something everyone can do

I guess that is the definition of special
Perform something not many others can do

One day, God may have me do this more
Until then, I can write, pray for you

This reflects God’s love
Just like you, your love and compassion are awesome

It’s a simple gift God shows me everyday
I love you, more than words can describe


Story Behind the Poem

My wife is a selfless person. She thinks of others first, ask anyone who knows her. She’ll drop what she’s doing to help others. Unlike myself, who usually thinks of myself first. I’ll be out to dinner, they bring an appetizer, I’ll start eating without sharing with others. I’m just enjoying the food. She’ll give me that look, “what about others?” she’ll ask with her loving voice and particular look?! On occasion, she’ll have a couple of young kids spend the night, I think overall, she doesn’t get much rest because she is worried about them getting sleep. Unlike me, I go to sleep and wake up refreshed, she has caught a wink here and there. There is just something about her that is endearing, there is a love and a feeling of pride knowing she is a Gift from above. †I could brag all day about her gifts, her selfless and would protect her so she could continue if necessary, it’s special and worth bragging a little about.

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