Poem : A fathers love

Poem : A father’s love

Scripture : Psalm 103:13


A fatherís voice is comforting
With gentle authority given by our Heavenly father

He places individuals in the right location
To watch over his children while on earth

A father knows, you don’t have all the answers
No matter what happens, he states with my help, you will be ok

You might stumble at first, you might be a little uneasy.
Don’t fret, don’t panic, don’t give up.

I’m right beside you
Helping always, giving encouragement

Providing protection when needed
Allowing you to learn when the opportunity arises

Through many stages of life
There comes a time when you let me go

You are still there when needed
Not as often as when I first started

You help me in a different way
You pray and allow me to fail on my own

I think back when I first started
You were there, helping, guiding

You weren’t perfect, I now realize that a bit more
In a simple, loving way, I’m glad God had you there

A fatherís loves is unique, firm but fair
Thank you Heavenly father, for sending me my Dad

It’s only for a while, but his instruction
Helped me become the Dad, I’m am today

Story Behind the Poem

I really started this day, Father’s Day June 18th, 2017 being attacked by up to seven, maybe more as I read a book called Defeating Dark Angels by Charles Kraft. The lies the enemy was telling me I was inadequate, contributed to me being bored, which causes me to be restless, my obsessiveness kicks in feeling like I need to achieve something to feel worthy, the enemy reminded me of my past failures, which contributes to insecurity.

All this yet, as I used some of the techniques I’ve learned in spiritual warfare books by Charles Kraft and Wellsprings International. The Holy Spirit revealed his indescribable words of love, transformation, patience, unconditional steady voice knowing to instill confidence. The Holy Spirit will say in a small still voice, you don’t have all the answers and yet the confidence to say I’m with you during the trial and will help give patience, help each step of the way. The enemiesí words don’t have the same tone and definitely don’t have love.

As I started writing a short saying, this poem came out. It had me reflect as a father as my kids are starting out in life, I reflected to my childhood, there are some unknowns as the Holy Spirit will reveal these when it’s appropriate. A father’s authority is important, yet it requires firm, but fair love, humbleness yet trust in God providing certainty in uncertain moments. †There is a lot more uncertainty in life than certainty, it only took a few years to have that understanding.

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