About my Dad : Connection

Poem 61 : Connection

Scripture : Titus 1


A connection is two things joining together
A power cord plugged into an outlet
A light bulb and a socket
Your hand into a baseball glove
It can also be a hammer and a nail
An ax splitting wood
A child hugging his mother or father
Men and women getting married
We tend to be busy as humans
We go about our days doing things
Going from one activity to another
Not thinking too far into the future
For we don’t know how many days we have
Nor do we stop to think when things are going along
We take our days and nights for granted
The good Lord has nature in a rhythm
Our lives connect in certain ways to this pattern
We don’t stop to think much about it
Something happens in our lives
An event of some sorts that makes you think
If this person moves away or is gone
What will happen, how will it impact our connection
You reflect a moment and realize they are special
Not everyone impacts a person like this, there are a few though
You realize time with people is short
Earlier in life, things just happen
You take it for granted they’ll be around forever
Then one day, either a child grows up
A parent or grandparent grows old
They depart either by moving or passing on
Each connection is unique and serves a purpose
A spiritual connection is different
Unlike the examples mentioned above
This can’t be seen as easily
Humans like to see and experience things
The Holy Spirit joins us on our journey when we accept Christ
A spiritual connection between us and God is made
It’s the most important connection we can make
When we accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit connection is made
He is there every moment of the day helping
Godís word is written on our hearts
The Holy Spirit helps complete the connection
God wants all of us to make a connection with Him
He loved us so much, he gave us free will
We get to choose if a connection is made with him
The connection with God is most important
Cherish your earthly connections while they are still here
Enjoy every moment, every opportunity to connect
Before long, they could change or go away
The connection with God is eternal
We were made to have a relationship with him
Even in our fallen world, God made a way
Some connections are more of a struggle than others
The important ones are worth keeping
Have you or know of someone who hasn’t connected to God
Pray for this person, tell them about your connection to the Father
One day in heaven, this person will thank you
They’ll be glad they made a connection with the Father, through Christ Jesus


Story Behind the Poem

For those with kids, a connection, a bond is made that can’t be explained except for “it’s there.Ē One moment they are growing up, barely being able to care for themselves, the next moment they are entering school, the next they are as tall as you are, they get their driverís license. When they depart home for short trips, the connection you made when they were young can be broken if something happens. I experienced this feeling of fear when my youngest son got his driverís license. It made me realize, my oldest was overseas serving our country, my middle son moved out and bought his own home. The connections made were changing before my very eyes. Along with this life change, my father has been battling cancer.

The connection I had with my dad was special. I respected and thought there was no person better when I was a kid. He owned his own business, could do practically anything, there was nothing too big for him. He was my idol as a kid. I was proud he was my dad. Every time I did something exciting, I wanted to tell him. His encouraging words made a connection, a positive one that helped complete whatever I was doing at the time.

My connection with God has been similar, as I write this story, it brings tears to my eyes. Special connections should be enjoyed. A relationship with God is eternal, please make sure you tell everyone about your relationship with God. If you are reading this and don’t know God, ask someone you know who is spiritual and believes in God to have them tell you how their connection with God is. The moral of this story is enjoy whatever connections you have, however long you have before the connection is broken.

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